Jan 22, 2010

Wiken ini...

Actually I'm  wondering jugak .. am I too early for worrying about my wedding.. haha.. Hopefully, not interupting my working concentration.. ( I did curse all the meetings since I got job pile up on the desk) and trying not to think of wedding..

I did my survey on internet for a few days.. ( suddenly i'm able to sleep at 12.00.. 5 straight days.. so not me..) just viewing things here and there. I can make a bit of conclusion that.. wedding stuff dh jadi digital.. why? Because you go surveying at the boutique and so on.. but they just have old wedding pics.. (which probably the result of totally digital camera nowadays ) and the one that have online stuff seems like those who follow the trend..even some of them actually takde kedai pon.. biz from home but have a really brilliant outcomes.. (gorgeous stuff)

So, I find several interesting blogs.. one of them that which to me give some info like the one from Diah (She's nice that willing to answer my questions trough email.. )

I found out that some people use designer for their dress and I found a blog that have some views about the designer cost.. like this one

and this one


I'm so interested with Syomir design.. then I call him and he said that his design cost like RM1800 without material but he also said that if I want RM1800 cost (all in) he reduce the design or material cost.. Something like that.. so I'm still thinking bout that.. But If anyone de additional  info about this maybe you can let me know..

Sometimes I thought.. if I know any UiTM fashion's student yang bagus in design.. and can make my dress at cheaper cost pon bagus jugak (ha .. ha..) But I don't incharge of that Zone or involve in any FSSR projects nak dpt chances talking to their lecturers.. hehe.. Silly.. I know some of them really good like those yg nowadays popular.. mana taknya.. my cousin, Asri dlu amek fine art.. gosh, stuff that he has to do.. lots! But it's good that I heard he manage to sell one of his painting.. (rasenye lebih dari 1k) but he ends up jadi pramugara.. dh lame tak tgk die melukis. ( I once ask him to do my homework and I got A) Maybe my dad patut ask him amek fashion design.. haha.

Ok.. back to wedding.. When I read Diah's blog.. she writes that she hire Rass deco untuk decoration.. so I view their blog.. waa.. gorgeaousnya.. trus I fall in love.. So I go out with Iwan on Wednesday and discuss bout wedding things.. with his opis nye lap top.. we go surfing at starbuck carrefour yg sgt slow.. (wish I go to bkt  raja instead.. huh) I show him this blog and he's satisfied too.. Great! Xsabar nak finalize kan this thing.

Actually while I talk to Iwan there.. I heard the waitress said something in Italian or Spanish.. Waa.. lamenye tak speaking Italian. (almost a year) so yesterday call Ijan nak dapatkan my lecturer, Piermauro punye number but end up she lost it too.. Then she told me yang she and afra, my best friend yang tunang a week before me want to go to bandung with my other friends.. tix on July RM175 je.. and I'm still thinking if it's worth.. takut my saving plan tebakar plak nanti.. hahaha!

Iwan also agree with me today to go to Eleena Lamat punye studio.. He knows she always make up for ted adnan punye photoshoot.. (bdk camera.. tau je cite camni) and she did offer me if I want to make dress with her.. Price die seems interesting la.. so we agree to meet her this Sunday.. later I'll update on that.

Me and Iwan also have this discussion on photo and video cost.. everything so mahal these days.. :( one session charge like RM2000 at least.. and being a photography fans himself make him has this kind of expensive taste.. ishk2.. the one he loves is the one that is so expensive.. (more than the one I state above) To him the final album is so important.. He said.. everyone that have SLR cam with right tecnique can get good picture, to us.. the ordinary and not so artistic one.. nampak cantik je gambar.. but to those yang appreciate design.. album design.. the way they put the picture in the album.. the editting.. can make a real great difference.. iye ke.. (so i let him think la..whoever that can make him satisfy la with their works.. )

I want to make an entry on several baju that I like.. ( but kene modified la..) I think I love the one yg look like gown.. then more satin.. or chiffon ek name die.. yg jarang2 tuh.. and only  small portion lace.. ske sumthing simple with long veil which can show ( a woman which look simple yet pretty) so tak nampak lebih2 sgt.. macam wedding dress western tu.. sket je embroidery..wah2.. ade ke org leh tunaikan impian tuh.. huhu.. bajet tak seberape plak tuh.. :p

some pics..

Vera wang punye dress yg sgt simple..
to me sweet je..

monique punye dress.. ske tangan yg camni..
but bawah to me too lacey

nak kale ala2 macam ni la..

Suke jugak a few baju lain dari Monique Lhuillier.. http://www.moniquelhuillier.com/
Just for inspiration ok la kan..

Ok la.. next nanti I add few other entry... Tomorrow nak tolong my fren wat thesis.. nak anta this Mac.. sempat ke..

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Yanie said...

Dear u gi Eleena Lamat ek? How's the price like? How was the baju2 like Lawa tak? Email i dear... thisisyanie@yahoo.com... Kite share2 ek?