May 19, 2013

Early Pregnancy..

I was actually scared after I got birth to khayra. I didn't know how long I'll take to finally forget that and ready to get pregnant again. Well it takes sometimes. When khayra finally sleep through the night, I think things was not so bad and all of us can be ready for a new baby. Yes I did feel afraid of how to take care of both of them but I hope khayra will be happy with a new sibling, a new friend.

Like most women say, different pregnancy is different. I remember myself had trouble to eat but still can go out shopping last time. My nausea just came when I smell things I didn't like. This time I prefer to stay home. I had less trouble choosing food but I face indigestion problem.. my head tends to get dizzy and I can't stand up in long hours. It's different but challenging coz I need to still manage my princess and give her all the attention that she needs. And I didn't live at my mom's.

Wish me luck then..

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