Mar 30, 2011

Tak Sabar Nak Tunggu Wiken Depan.. :D

Hehe.. lame sungguh kite tak update kan.. :D I'm still around  :p

Anyway, saje je nak release a bit stress.. baru je completekan one document.. then nak relax few minutes sebab next nak completekan another one.. :) Anyway.. I've been playing lots of Harvest Moon I think.. so lambat update.. :p Manage to finish another novel.. Queen Of Bables Gets Hitched!! and I recommend this to all bride to be.. It's fun story with some wedding tips.. It's a chic novel so expect yourself to smile lots while reading :)

Kite tak la pembaca novel sejati sangat so nak habiskan satu... lamenye.. :D But reading is good kan.... why not take chance to practise some.. :)

Not much happen lately.. been around KL with hubby and lil brother yang dah bujang dah pon.. searching for best price PS3.. and bought one.. It's my lil brother yang menyimpan duit elaun asasi and decide to buy this stuff with that.. ( ishk2.. budak2 skarang.. I've bought my PSP like that too :p)

Been to Gambang weekend before that with hubby.. it's hubby's office punya family day :) ooo.. I'm so bad when it comes to transfering pics and all.. that's why I haven't really update lately.. hehe.. and I want to really puts some pics when make an entry..

Sorry if I'm late in answering questions.. or forget to answer any.. I haven't really visit my fb and blog these days.. and sometimes I read emails but need sometimes to answer.. If I ever forget your question, please remind me, Ok.. :)

Oh, what's the title related to this entry.. actually, I'm waiting for some good news.. and I will only get the confirmed news next Saturday.. It makes me can't wait.. Sure nanti kite akan wat entry untuk this good news.. (another promise that I wish to fulfilled.. insya-Allah)

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