Jul 14, 2011

Baby Chit Chat..

It's a beautiful thing that we will have a baby soon :)

Me and hubby start to chat about baby's stuff and think of everything that we need to prepare.. And it's add to lots of love we already have in our marriage. Preggy really a time that you feel love all around you.. Caring hubby, mama, abah and happiness of all siblings :) I certainly love this moment.

Me and hubby talk about our baby's name.. have few in a list.. with lots of girl's name compare to boys.. hehe. I'm not sure yet if my baby is boy or girl.. It's funny sangat bila beli baju baby and hubby sangat confuse with the color.. Baby boy look cute in blue.. Baby girl look sweet in pink.. and we end up bought everything white for our baby :D Still the baby's list are long.. manyak lagi tak beli.. 

Then hubby ask me if I've find out who's going to look after my baby.. Ump.. I'm still not sure yet.. We will move to our new home.. and I need a reliable Taska or person to look after my baby. Lagipon skarang cost jaga baby dah bertambah.. A good Taska that I know.. which babies all sleep in baby cot monthly dia RM380.. huhu.. and I didn't know yet any other place. Better pergi tengok tempat kan..

De jugak belek2 barang lil Zafran yg lama.. play pan.. playing mat.. bottle warmer.. stroller.. bouncer and high chair.. insya Allah elok lagi and bleh guna..  Time to really cleaning up things before tak larat sbb perut bertambah mulatt.. hehe

And we read books and magazine about raising up baby and child.. and think of our baby whenever we want to decide on something. :) Hope that my baby always safe.. and grow up dengan baik.. :) With lots of love.. we'll wait for our baby..


Sya Sakura said...

hehe.. yup, ms pregnant ni kalau borak2 dgn husband mmg the happiest moment ever.. plus bile sume family members yg lain ikut excited skali, rs cm bahagia je.. hehe :)

Wish everything will be smooth sailing for u dear, insyaAllah.. gudluck! :)

Hana said...

Thank u sya :)