Apr 13, 2012

Lil Khayra 4 Months Plus..

Time did fly so fast.. Khayra will be five months next week.. She's becoming so chubby.. So cute!! :)) Much more progress.. Khayra dah pandai meniarap :) She choose 31st March to start betul2 meniarap. Tapi tak pandai pusing balik :D Takpela.. slowly she'll learn. She start to hate socks.. selalu je gosok kaki sampai socks tertanggal.. or tunduk n tarik socks dengan tangan.. hehe. Few times I have to bend and collect back her socks.. jatuh rata - rata dah.. Dah bertambah bijak.:) And she start to play and laugh too.. I first heard her laugh on 31st March. Especially when looking into the mirror.. she loves mirror.. Sometimes she watch tv like she understand what's inside it :D beriya2 je..

I still fully breastfeed her.. I hope I can manage to continue until she is 2.. Hopefully.. :) Khayra pon dah pandai.. when mama comes home she don't want to drink from the bottle.. and she start to pull my shirt few times asking her milk.. hehe. Luv to see her grow up..

We've move to our new home at Bandar Bukit Raja.. and Khayra stay with nenek during daytime.. It's already the 3rd week. Khayra seems fine.. and she enjoy playing with nenek too..

I start to replace some of her shirt. Got some cheap baju at Jusco warehouse sale. Ok la.. sehelai RM6.. hehe.. got her some of Pooh shirt. size besar.. setahun..  Just untuk pakai kat rumah.

Can't wait for her progress.. :D

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