Apr 22, 2012

Khayra is 5 Months today...

Khayra sleep peacefully now :))

Time camni la nak layan komputer ngan blog tak?? hehe.. Some update.. 

Khayra dah penat harini jenjalan.. Penat mula2 kena tunggu tukar tayar keta.. pastu gik armcorp mall carik aichik nye camera.. Sempat gak curik masa belikan khayra buku kat book excess... Ok la dapat la 6 books with price RM62.. berbaloi kan :)

 Khayra bored at kedai tayar

Khayra new book from Book Excess

There are changes after we move.. mak hubby will go home on Friday night. Then we will visit mama and abah.. either sleep there or just singgah jap.. Saturday we went for outing. Sunday is for cleaning and after that.. pick up mak from her house.. So mak will have weekend days free to relax..  Khayra will have sometimes to jalan - jalan on weekend and visit her family, right.. I hope it's good for her :)

Today, mama got so excited that Khayra turn 5 months.. bought her bottle food.. tak tau bila nak start bagi.. guess bila 5 months half bleh bagi khayra rase2 kan :) She start to eye our food.. and put her hand on our drink.. hehe.. I hope she'll soon will enjoy food and not fussy.. still haven't bought her makan set ;D will get them as soon as possible.. and get her bip ready.. nak jugak bumbo seat .. will get that for her nnt..

It feels bad that lately I haven't really got chance to snap Khayra's pics.. n even upload pics and write blog.. I get home when it's already 6.30... and Khayra usually a bit moody during evening time.. she wants her feed and so wanted to sleep.. I usually have to struggle with her from 9 to 10.30.. even though she usually fall to sleep for half hour around 7.30.. that help me to only survive maghrib n dinner time before she start to fuss again... She's really a good girl and love to play during day time.. But night is for sleeping to her.. all she needs is bed ( she wants to be upstairs), little chat or story book time, feed and sleep.. buai pon dia tanak when it's 10 p.m.. That's new Khayra after we move.. 

Khayra with her fav giggly ball

Something bad happen... rumah opah kena banjir.. :( But I can't visit her with Khayra around.. Hope able to help her some later...

Cian opah.. :(

New LPG out this week... Insya Allah the 13% this month.. Alhamdulillah.. thought to invest on property.. :)) Eying one..

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