Mar 1, 2012

I am a Working Mama :))

It has been 4 days since I start working.. Yes, I mish Khayra.. everyday. It feel bad not to have lots of time talking to her and read to her.. Khayra is fine at home because she's staying home with her atuk n nyang. At least she didn't have to adapt to a new surrounding. But I'm worried the most about her milk everyday.. I haven't campur her milk with formula. Yes, I wish I can just breastfeed her. It's the best milk.. and I'm trying to make sure of that at least until she's ready for her solid..

But works are works.. many consequences.. I do have some formula spare for my lil girl in case if whatever that I provide is not enough.. Up till today.. Khayra drink 5 bottle of 3 oz. and that's usually what I got when pumping 5 times a day. Alhamdulillah I still can meet the demand but no extra does make me worried.. But I'll try to cover with whatever stock I have until all finish well before trying to mix up.. even if I have to mix up, I'll make sure she got most breastmilk.. maybe only 1 bottle formula a day if she drink 4 oz...

Khayra usually wants to feed with me when I come home.. The moment I hold her after work, she wants it instantly. She start waking up at night too asking for feeding. So it did becomes a bit tiring to wake up early for pumping and then goes to work and not enough sleeping. But our body will cope with that I believe.. Soon things will become normal day to day right..

I can't  wait for Khayra development.. she seems growing up fast these days.. steadier head each day.. playing with her hand each day.. enjoying her gym and try batting her toys.. Can't wait for her 1st laugh :) 


ryy.han said...

nanti lps tu dh start makan, merangkak, bertatih...then sedar x sedar dh masuk setahun..

mcm sekejap je rasa nanti..

tapi bila dh besar start nakal, u'll missed time baby2..(haha sbbnya rumah lg bersepah, lg bnyk benda anak nk explore)

Hana said...

hehe.. Tu la, baby memang cepat besar kan.. skarang cuddly je.. nnt tibe2 dh besar, dh independent