Feb 26, 2012

Khayra 14th Week - Mama Get Ready To Work

Actually, I took extra 1 week holiday instead of going back to work after my 90 days Maternity Leave. I've spare my last year annual leave just to add some days to spend with my Khayra. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave lil Khayra with someone else.. and sickly worried I cannot pump enough milk for her. I work 8 .00 to 5.00 and conveniently has a room for myself if I need to pump. But, I'll have meeting which I should attend. and certain week, I have them everyday and a never ending desk-job.. Certain days I still have to bring them home... I might have to strive a bit because stress is common when it comes to work, right  :)) every job has their stress time.. and be prepared as well if I finally have to give Khayra some formula milk if things get out of hand which I hope not.. :(( Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki Khayra untuk dapat susu ibu sepenuhnya.. Insya Allah. I'll strive for my Lil Girl.

Khayra's antibiotic finally finish and I've start some bottlefeeding session with Khayra... Lucky she wants to drink up all the milk.. I learn that she usually take around 3 oz per session but she drink regularly.. like every 2 hours... :o I'll try hard to have more milk.. I wonder if my flange isn't the correct size.. ump.. I might need to buy new one with the right size.

I try letting Khayra sleep in buaian instead of nursing her to sleep and allow her to play at play gym.. :) I hope she can stay home nicely without fussing lots. Nyang will take care of Khayra a week or two before we move to our new home. Then Khayra will stay with nenek.. :)

So it certainly will be all new episode and drama of a working mother with her 3 Months Old daughter.. :))) So, my checklist to get back to work..

~ Bottlefeeding Khayra - done
~ Get Khayra know her care-person - done
~ A method of calming and sleeping - done
~ Breastmilk storage - done
~ Pump set - check the flange
~ Milk Label - need new marker pen
~ Cooler bag and ice pack - ice pack to go to freezer
~ Handbag and pump bag - Progressing
~ Daily Diary - need to go inside the bag
~ Monday milk - striving!!
~ Ironing.. :D - will find sometimes to do it

Will write about my home progress later.. Gril, curtain and lighting.. 

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