Feb 1, 2012

Khayra 8th Week

I just come across this term wonder weeks.. weeks when baby can seems fussy when they learn a new skill.. I wonder if Khayra is in her wonder weeks.. because 8 weeks is in the list.. she turns fussy suddenly. I notice that she really start gazing people and seems to talk back... sometimes macam mengadu je.. well these few days start from last week, she's seems happy talking. And she got her injection on Friday. But she start being fussy on Sunday.. she doesn't have fever.. everything fine except that she tend to be awake... look around and don't want to sleep unless she's in my arms during day time.. Luckily she sleeps at night well.

Tuesday (10/1/2012)

Khayra finally sleep at 3.30p.m.. phew.. She had her bath at 9.30 and can't settle down for a sleep until 3.30.. she's not so much into playing because she's sleepy but she wakes up whenever I put her down. After few struggle, I manage to get her sleep at 3.30.. It has been 3 days Khayra becomes so fussy during day time. I hope she wants to wake up more and play but go back to sleep easily..

 Abah bring Khayra outside and her eyes so small.. sleepy...

Wednesday (11/1/12)

Another struggling day... Khayra only sleep when I hold her.. She wakes up after like 5 to 15 minutes after I put her down.. so I let her sleep on my lap longer.. She's so happy when Abah comes back from work and play with her.. she talk to hubby :)) good thing is.. She sleeps at night from 11.30 to 6 a.m.. I feel tired so I ask hubby to pasangkn swing. I think I'll try it and see if Khayra likes it.. I wonder if hubby wants to consider sending Khayra to her nenek since her nenek stop working this January. Khayra will get better care and all the Taska fees I plan to just gives them to his Mom.. Few times we've been there and Khayra seems so content at her nenek's house and she likes nenek bathing n talking to her too..it's hubby to decide then..

Thursday (12/1/12)

I figure out that if Khayra so sleepy.. she can sleep alone if I'm next to her :)) that's why she can sleep at night.. (my theory)  sometimes I wonder if Khayra actually not so sleepy during day time but still want to sleep.. REM sleep most of the time. That's why she don't want me to put her down. I hope she will start to love to play and to look around more so she will stop crying so much whenever I put herself down..

Hubby away again.. till Tuesday.. sob2!! I finally decide to just have my maternity leave for 3 Months.. Mama and hubby ask me to do so... give Khayra full care until she's about 3 months. Mama said that Khayra is my first baby.. It's good to consider that and hubby even said.. We don't know if I'm going to deliver 5 babies... ( if dapat tu rezeki) after all, it's time to learn kan.

I put khayra in testing dalam buai.. and she seems happy with it. Tapi.. that swing need adjustment of height and kain lubang2 :D

Khayra crying in her cot in morning.. she don't want to stay there

Friday (13/1/12)

I bring Khayra outside after she had bath... and meet mak ngah outside. Dia tengah kemas - kemas laman rumah.. I told her that Khayra meragam almost this whole week.. I can't really put her down. She ask me if I have bouncer, I said yes.. I really don't think Khayra will like it.. 

Thinking that maybe 'her wind has go south kot'.. hehe.. I decide to give it a try again.. to my surprise, she enjoy the bouncer and manage to sleep.. boleh tahan la 1 to 2 hours sleep before wake up feeding then main ckit - ckit and tidur balik.. So, I got at least a little help with the bouncer..

Lots of thanks to Mak Ngah!!

 Khayra sleepy in her bouncer

 Finally fall asleep

 Sleepy during tummy time

Saturday (14/1/12)

Another happy day of Khayra in her bouncer :) I bought some book from kinokuniya online.. boardbook for Khayra. It seems easier to get book that reviewed online from Kino.. But the item will arrive in 2 weeks time due to order from supplier. Can't wait to receive the package and read to Khayra..

 Happy Khayra in her bouncer

 Khayra look around

Sunday (15/1/12)

It's sunny... and too hot for Khayra... she's sweating sampai basah baju :D then I change her to baju lubang - lubang. Siang asyik tidur je.. malam bangun teman mama tengok tv sampai abis jangan tidur lagi :D pastu tidur n bangun kol 5.30 :)


Uii.. marahnya bila letak ubat kat mulut.. mengamuk2. :D Still in her bouncer and mama saja tengok dari jauh.. what she did when she wakes up..!! looking around :)) Another hot day so I dress her in baju lubang - lubang lagi.. Abah will come home today.. Yay!! and mama finally finish reading 1st book of Lord of the ring.. :)


Panas.. pkai singlet ngn pampers je..

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