Feb 3, 2012

Khayra 10th Week

10th Week.. a wonderful event happen.. Mak Ngah Intan is getting married.. 3 days we went to the wedding. The nikah day, berinai, bersanding n bertandang.. Manage to dress Khayra in few gown.. Gown Khayra pon xbanyak lg :) Khayra really a nice baby girl.. sleeping beauty all the time. Maybe because Mama carry Khayra most of the time. Panas ke, bunyi kompang ke.. Khayra still can sleep.. terkejut time first bunyi je..  Maybe she love music like her abah. :) 

At 10th week, Khayra suddenly meniarap on her own but she still cannot lift her head.. (on Sunday). Mama get the swing ready for Khayra on Monday... unfortunately, it seems that she love her bouncer more.. :)

Khayra on nikah day on Friday

Mama with Khayra
Abah with Khayra

Us with the bride

Khayra on Sanding day

Cute Lil Khayra..

Mama n Khayra kt pelamin

Mama, Khayra n Nek Ndak on bertandang day


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