Feb 7, 2012

It's Now or Another 5 to 10 years..

Well.. moving out from family house wasn't so easy.. It requires so big pocket.. and sure burn a hole. We bought a house that luckily a complete one and ready for us to move in.. even so, still some of the thing needs to be done. 

We've done the tinted at price of RM1500, surveying for gril and decide to use ordinary design but with powder coated. The lump sum total for the whole house gril can be amounting to RM4500. ( so that's the additional price for buying house with lots of window :D ). So that's the first essentials..

We want a simple plaster ceiling design.. with downlight to make our house looks better but plaster ceiling cost quite a lot. My calculation shows amount like RM12k.. for whole house complete with lights fittings and wiring.. I wonder if they can give discount and gives us better price but the rate is given... so chances that it becomes lower is so less..

These are the rate  I got from contractor for plaster ceiling and wiring :

Lightbox : RM11/ft
Plaster     :  RM2.20/sqft
Wiring point : RM65/no

From Sime Darby show house

And it's a thing we should do now to avoid messy2 later or do it later means another 5 - 10 years for cutting cost :(

We decide to hold kitchen cabinet to later because we already have concrete top ready by developer... so that will do for sometimes before we had extra fund for it.. and for better design too..

Nice kitchen cabinet with playfull colors at Sime Darby show house

Then, we also have Electrical appliances to buy.. the essentials like fridge and washing machines.. that can cost another 3k to 4k right.. the tv, perabot and all... Ump.. it's not cheap moving in. And we didn't have many things except what people gave us during wedding.. Lucky we got quite complete small appliance for wedding like stove, microwave, oven, blender and pinggan mangkuk semua.. :) That's really really big help.

 Kivik Lovely.. idaman hati :))

And langsir... It can cost so much too right.. 

I hope we'll finally make it :)) Moving to our new home with Lil Khayra.. I hope she's happy with her new home :) Well, it might not be so perfect but it's perfect already for us starters.. :)

 Hubby's favourite !!

Really nice mattress... :))

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