Feb 2, 2012

Khayra 9 Weeks

It's sort of a busy week for us :) Abah comes home Monday and Mama need to settle SKT for year 2011. Luckily, abah got one day off on Tuesday.. so we head to Mama's office. So it becomes first time Khayra went to Mama's office room  and auntie Muzi held Khayra for mama while mama copy things for SKT report.  Then, we went to Subang Parade and Empire.. Khayra baik sangat because she just quiet while Mama and Abah had lunch at Sari Ratu.. 1st time mama makan kat Sari Ratu laju - laju.. afraid if suddenly Khayra goes Uwaa.. then Khayra fell asleep while Mama shopping for Khayra's Poney gown at Empire.. Love2 .. It's on offer .. hehe.. Finally, Khayra had few gowns and girl's shirt and pants for jalan - jalan :) Ok, mama will begin another round of shopping only next time when Khayra get bigger :D maybe at 6 Months :p After had some drinks at Starbucks.. we off to Tesco to buy some stuff.. and then go home..

Khayra and mama at Starbuck Subang Parade

Wednesday mama struggling with SKT while trying to keep Khayra happy... and manage to cook ikan kari as well for abah.. thought of sending it off on Thursday.. tapi the printer had no ink.. Finally hantar jugak hari jumaat pagi (with atuk's help). 

9th Weeks mark Khayra's 1st smile that mama can see.. 1st smile to atuk :) on 19th January then only mama manage to see Khayra smile to mama... smile to abah... smile to nenek and opah...

 Khayra try to lift her head

Friday night we went to Mama's friend house for his children's birthday.. Khayra really behave there :) then we went to Carrefour for late night shopping :p Mama gets Khayra 2 packs of Mamy Poko S size diapers.. sebab murah :D

Saturday mama gets Khayra ready earlier than us but Khayra finally kotorkan baju sebab yak2 too much :D so tak dapat pakai gown for the first time... fail trial mama :D Takpe la.. mama change Khayra to red blouse and pants then we off to Pyramid for little shopping before off to nenek home..  Abah notice that Khayra has grown longer :)) dah terkeluar sikit dari stroller.. :D

Sunday 1st time Khayra visit our new home at Bandar Bukit Raja.. but it's not ready yet for us untuk duduk :D then we go to Nek ndak punya rumah to see if anything need to be prepared for Cik Intan's wedding.. but nothing need help currently..

Monday we went to Abah's friend house for his girl's birthday.. It still a long way for Khayra to get to 1st birthday :D 1st time Khayra in gown :) Soo cute..but abah didn't snap a pic :( then we went to mama's friend house at Puchong to see the renovation she did because abah needs a contractor to do plaster ceiling at our new home.. then kita singgah Giant.. abah and mama did some electrical appliances shopping for my friends and cik intan... the prices are good :) then abah get 1 Huggies Dry size M diapers for Khayra... wonder when Khayra will use that but huggies size is smaller than Mamy Poko.. it's cheap then so we thought to keep it as stock.. Then Khayra start to Uwaa and don't want to drink EBM.. maybe because the temperature doesn't met her requirement :p it's quite a trouble when abah try to handle Khayra while mama pray...hehe. Now he's worried if Khayra being fussy at nenek's house later..

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