Feb 16, 2012

Khayra 11th Week

Honestly, I didn't snap many pic this week... :( Me and hubby been thinking of moving to Bukit Raja as soon as possible so hubby don't have to struggle with Khayra crying in her car seat from My house to PJ..  Mak has long agree to live with us to take care of Khayra. And it's so kind of her to decide so.. Now, we've been struggling with budgetting and time.. 

Khayra plays with atuk lots this week since I feel like stealing sometimes cooking.. :D Friday night we bring her to nenek's house.. Saturday thought of leaving Khayra with nenek but nenek wants to come with us too but still take care of Khayra while we survey on plaster ceiling. She has tried feed Khayra with bottles and let her sleep in swing... Khayra seems happy. I hope she can cope with not getting any breastfeed during the day. We had very nice dinner at Putera Ayu.. everyone loves the cooking :) 

Sunday, we went to Kauthar's wedding at Bangi. So happy to meet fellow SMAPian and I'm the one that carry a baby :D Really have good time catch up on things.. some I haven't met since we left school. Then off to IKEA for survey.. Khayra meragam a little at the end.. maybe she's too tired.. so we take turn enjoying our Nasi Goreng seafood before head home.

Monday.. mama busy with calculating budget. Only after Maghrib we went to several electrical stuff shops nearby and Carrefore.. another sheet of budget waiting :D

 Khayra at 11th Week :)

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