Feb 17, 2012

Khayra 12th Week and in fever

Khayra cough a bit... and mama is so worried.. Start on Tuesday and Wednesday mama decide to bring Khayra to clinic. We went to DEMC... so many people that we wait from 8.40 till 10 o'clock before we can meet the doctor. The doctor check her breathing and he said she's fine...but I'm in doubt.. he didn't take a look at her throat and doesn't seem to take it seriously because Khayra sleep peacefully that time.

Thursday I told myself she'll be fine even though she still cough.. Friday morning we wake up watching Khayra.. me and hubby sit and thinking where to bring her. She start to have flu and we're afraid she had trouble breathing.. hubby decide to take half day and head to Klinik Adek but the doctors are away. Then we decide to go to Klinik Pakar Kanak - kanak Meghana.. we decide to meet Paediatrician than going to ordinary clinic because I read that certain medicine are not suppose to be prescribed to baby but GP sometimes did so.. :o So the doctor prescribed her with spray and Rhinathiol with really small dosage.. Then we head home happy and decide to go to hubby's mom.  

Starting evening Khayra start to develop fever.. I try wet her all over to bring down the temperature but it comes back after 2 hours.. so I give her paracetamol that was prescribed by PPUM when she had her injection. But the first time giving Khayra medicine is like a battle.. she just don't want to swallow it.. so few only goes in.. :D She seems ok after that but the fever comes and go.. 

Second night is the worst for Lil Khayra.. she had her paracetamol but she also throw her phlegm after rhinathiol dose.  Her temperature doesn't comes down so much so I wet her 2 times that night.. she can't breath well too because her nose blockage. At 4 when it's ok to give another dose.. I let her have another dose and then she sleep till 7 and wake up still sick with fever.. We decide to go to clinic again. Since Paed clinic close.. we just head to Shah Alam Specialist ( panel clinic). The doctor prescribed her with higher dosage that seems fit with Khayra need.. because her temperature keep low for few hours rather than go up like after 2 hours.. We decide to not give flu medicine and antibiotic to her and stick to Rhinathiol.. 

I believe that breastmilk got antibody.. Lucky Khayra still take her feed even though she didn't scream for it. Monday her apetite getting better :) So is her sleep too.. only sometimes she hate the phlegm and fuss a bit. But she still wants talk and play when her mood is OK.. :)) Can't wait for her to fully recover.

 Khayra before she got flu and fever

 Khayra with medicine

Khayra moody in fever

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