Feb 15, 2012

Dear Khayra 2

Assalamualaikum my dear.. (Monday 30 Jan 2012)

Time did fly so fast.. and it's indeed so true that a baby grows so fast.. me and abah both agree that your cheek are now chubby than before.. and you really have gain some weight that we feel that you're heavier when we lifted you up. You no longer can wear newborn diapers.. S for certain brand seems just fit.. S for Mamypoko works just fine for you.. Some newborn cloths becomes fit.. and we prefer to dress you in bigger 3 - 6 months clothes even though it's slightly bigger.. so you won't complain on the hot day.. I bought Poney gown in 3-6M size for you.. it's slightly big but the length just fine.. So you fit Mothercare dress better :o We all believe you'll be tall one day.. taller than me maybe because you got Abah's gen in you. It's no surprise.. Well, you're 2 months now. Of course things will go different each day.

You not yet know how to really lift up your head. You start doing so but still need sometimes to hold it steadily.. so we still hold your head while lift you up. But you have start enjoy talking to people.. you talk to me, to abah, atuk, opah, nenek... everyone that talk to you.. and you even reward them with your cute smile. Abah is the happiest beside me.. I love hearing he talks to you even though sometimes he talk to you about me :D You finally smiling to me... and I'm so happy to watch it everytime you did it..

I 'm not sure where it comes from but you start to cry so loud whenever you didn't get your milk.. it's louder than a month before.. :D and it comes with so many extra sound :) like you're telling us something. Then you turn to your side searching for it... Last Sunday... you suddenly turn all your body :D But I know you didn't really like stay on your tummy because you can't lift your head yet.. hehe.. Despite that, I usually let you have some tummy time so you can practice lifting your head..

I read you 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' everyday.. usually in the morning. Previously, you never pay attention to the book.. Now, you probably can see colors so you start to love looking at the book with me.. :) I hope to get you more books for us to read together so you can look at variety things... 

Your mittens start to get all wets.. I think you start to have control over your hand so you finally can really put them in your mouth and suck it whenever you want.. I really think I should get you a pacifier that you'll like because I don't like you to suck your fingers when you're ready not to wear mitten anymore.

Nenek agree to take care of you.. It's such a relief to me :) Now, I'm not so worried how are you at the nursery... You'll get all the care and loving from nenek and I can concentrate on my works. I got less than a month now before I start working.. I hope you behave when staying with nenek... I really can't wait for you to finally laugh and giggles.. and lift your head... and playing with your gym.. well, so much happen since my last letter to you.. and so much will happen later I believe..

Another gift from Mak Long

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