Feb 18, 2012

Khayra's Books Collection


Khayra haven't yet want to play with plush stuff hanging above... Her musical mobile.. even when she's in her bouncer.. but she really love books.. She likes it when I lie down next to her and read her book.. she watch the picture in the books intently.. full with interest :))

The first book I bought her when I was still pregnant.. is Goldilock and Three Bear at Popular Book Store.. It's a board book.. Quite a quality. It cost only RM9.90. I've read this to her alomost everyday..

I personally love book even though I don't read as much as I should actually :D I've come across article in Pa Ma and Mami Baby as well as on the net bout how book can help baby language skill. Now Khayra's already born.. so I thought of adding collection of book for her to have fun with.. I've been to MPH Subang Jaya but not much interest me.. and I prefer to go for board book but it's not easy to find. I've browse online and find many interesting title that people recommend.. but not all available in store.. So I browse Kinokuniya Malaysia Bookweb and find the titles.. Since Kino is international bookstore, they even offer order service for quite many title.. Some title are there at Kino.. So I decide to purchase online.. Yesterday, the books finally arrive.. 

Here's all the title... all board book :) price range from 20+ to 30+..

Let's peek inside.. Some of mama's favorite page :D

Nursery Rhymes by Raymond Briggs
Favorite Nursery Rhymes with cute pictures

White on Black by Tana Hoban
Simple.. no word.. It's for us to tell and baby love the contrast

Baby, baby, baby by Marilyn Janovitz
Cute pics!!

All of baby nose to toes by Victoria Adler and pic Hiroe Nakata
This one is so cute... Khayra love it too

Sleepy Head by Karma Wilson and John Segal
Full of bright pictures.. Nice bedtime story

Freight Train by Donald Crews
Simple pic of train. in color...

This currently Khayra's collection.. later will visit BookXcess for more book... :))

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