Feb 14, 2012

Renovation Cancel

Yes, we decide to cancel renovation... after calculating the budget. My estimate is quite right for the plaster ceiling and wiring portion even though certain changes need to be made.. additional light point but with less cost per point. RM 55.. So the cost is 7k plus.. I was told that the downlight cost RM12 each and it can cost less actually, I find a shop that even has downlight at cost RM8 each. My earlier budget without survey is RM35 Lolz.. :p  Allowing 1k for light fittings.. Total Renovation cost is RM15k.. but 6k is for painting only :o I'm not sure if the sum is correct because the painter didn't come and see my house.. n... i didn't do my estimate for it.. ump.. i think 2k for ceiling and 4k for dinding.. same color 2 coats max. 

We decide to cancel because... Sime Darby painted the house nicely :) and the timber floor looks so nice right.. so 6k for repaint before we even use the current painted wall and chances of damage to my timber floor.. and the fact that void 2yrs Sime warranty for my ceiling and floor. A waste for what has been given nicely to us. So.. tamo la spend 6k tu sia - sia je.. Hubby decide to wait few years.. when we're bored already and wanted a new look to our house.. Messy? It can be arranged.. My dad done it before..

 Timber floor and original paint

Ok, need to proceed with grille works and fill the house... ump.. grill with new stuff pon bleh sampai 25k.. tu pon not all completed.. quite basic one time buy. (average quality count because 1 time buy - hopefully)
If complete moving in :

plaster ceiling n lights : 15k
new stuff  (new marriage couple) : 25k
Grill : 4.5 k
Kitchen cabinet : 6k

50k for moving in to a double storey house :o Honestly, we don't want to spend that much and empty the pocket or getting a loan.. so as new marriage couple with average income and a cute baby.. We'll start with grille and essential stuf to buy and wait for the fund to rise before decide to have new cabinet and renovation.

So let's refer to IKEA catalogue for IKEA home look :D Can we manage to move before March :p

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