Jan 31, 2012

What I want by now...

Ooo.. we just human who always have this what I want things.. Yes, we couldn't get all usually. But I think having chances to write down several what I want list at least help you plan and see things clearly.. Things which just as simple as it could be, sometimes it's the toughest things... and the worst ever is the hardest things to get.. :)) I never really write down about the new year resolutions for 2012.. certain people might just say.. we don't need any.. :D I don't care what you say.. But I think it's good.. It gets the mood.. But I'm writing an endless time Wants not really just the 2012 things..

As a mother I want to :

~ see Khayra grows up wonderfully
~ make sure Khayra gets enough time learning (even though just a simple tummy time)
~ teach Khayra to love books by reading to her at least once everyday
~ let Khayra express herself with arts she love and prefer.. and encourage the good arts
~ send Khayra to playgroup at age 2++ or 3.. preferably English Islamic
~ shop nicely for Khayra ( her pretty dresses, toys, books.. she deserve some collection but mama need to be wise in choosing)
~ try to let Khayra get only breastmilk everyday until she's 6 months
~ hope can wait till Khayra 3 years old before get her adik.. (unless Allah say otherwise)

As myself I want to :

~ get to saloon and spa this year.. ( need a good pampering after 9 months pregnancy and struggling with newborn) - I've skip saloon 9 months :o
~ manage money better by having shopping schedule for Khayra stuff, her savings, my saving, home accounts, and travelling accounts
~ manage job better.. :) I really should use planner wisely
~ go somewhere near  for 2012 vacation with hubby and Khayra.. really hope to go to Europe with hubby and kids one day
~ get a Master Degree.. maybe after Khayra 2 years old
~ move to our Home at Bandar Bukit Raja and start buying things for filling it.. ( need to really save if I want some vava boom kitchen cabinet)
~ treat myself at the end of the year.. something simple maybe :)
~ have sometimes to make up in the morning.. ( no one should see my tired face because I have a baby)
~ have some self time at least for writing blog..
~ make over wardrobe.. and shoes.. and bags...  ( things to give to others.. new things needed.. things to stop buying.. need to think of buying several good piece that last longer and allow me to rotate.. than buying too many)
~ cook something for hubby at least once a week :)

I'm trying to be realistic.. and it just some simple goal and long term things that I need to make sure of.. Hopefully, 2012 being one of the most wonderful year :)

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