Jan 3, 2012

Dear Khayra 1

Happy New Year sayang... 

It's your first new year and our first with you. We just sit home on this New Year but we are all happy. We've bought you toys and we spend new year sit and play with you. Time flies so fast that you're already in your week 7 today. 1 month plus have pass behind us. And you just getting bigger :D Pipi tambah kembong and abah really love that. 

No words could describe our feelings for you. How we're so grateful that you finally born in this world. And just like what Abah always told me.. he named you Khayra Sofea. We love you so much.. all of us in the family are so happy with your arrival. They kish you everyday. :)

If you could see how gentle Abah is when he hold you. He really loves you, you know.. I'm so happy that he's so happy to have you.. Everytime he said to me ' Kita dah ada baby'. I know he really like that fact and I'm so happy having a beautiful girl and wonderful husband. You complete us. But sure we think you'll have siblings one day.. Insya Allah. They tell me you look like him, you know.. :)

I never thought that I finally have a baby girl.. Since I'm small, I've been asking Opah and Mak Long to give birth to a baby girl because girls are so adorable to me. But they end up give birth to cute baby boys that I love till now. Never thought that I'm the one finally give birth to beautiful baby girl. Manja sangat.. So I have to learn to understand my daughter.. and yep.. I love shopping for u!!

So many things has happen since you born.. You've been warded for Jaundice one night. How I fear that I'll fail to breastfeed you.. How worried I am if I don't have enough energy to care for you at night time. But things turn out well.. Now you love to sleep on my laps.. Love my cuddles.. and love being fed by me.. Me too.. finally adjust myself so I can keep up with you.

And I love you so much.. and can't wait for a new milestone... Now you've start make sound sometimes.. Start to look around.. Can't wait to see your first smile. :) I hope I can help you learn and give the best to you.. 

With love, Mama..

New Year present for you..

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