Jan 16, 2012

Early Breastfeeding Story

Ok.. this post is for mommies ok... Experience utk dishare.. and if it's ever been SX post.. which I think shouldn't be, sorry.. Let's story mory on breastfeeding. This is from my point of view and so little experience.

History.. at first, when I know that I'm pregnant, me and hubby start to look at the baby's milk section. Surveying the price of each.. and thinking of which milk that we will give to our baby. My sis start with  Enfalac, change to Anmum and finally Dutch Lady when Zafran big enuff :D And me.. breastfeed never really a trend when my mom had me as a baby and she's working so she gave me S26.. So, what should I give to my baby then..

2 of my friends who just got a baby, breastfeed their baby.. One is in my department and she use my room sometimes, so while she's pumping, I began to ask her questions on breastfeeding..  Honestly, I don't know actually working mom can still breastfeed their baby.. My other friend, she's staying alone with her baby because her husband working in Kelantan also manage to do it.. :) Oh, so I start to search info bout breastfeeding.. It's the best milk for my baby so why not try it first so I can give the best to my baby.. So I start to focus on.. I want to breastfeed my baby instead of giving her S26 that I'm so fond of.

Orang akan cakap.. ooo.. breastfeed is so natural.. It can happen. But.. how many of us actually even fail at the first trial and think that we don't have milk.. then we curse all the advert that say every women ada breastmilk. How could you say not then.. my grandma told me that there's no formula milk when she gave birth to her 4 kids let alone breastpump :D so she only breastfeed all..n yup.. It's successful and of course everyone time tu bleh plak de breastmilk.. So.. it's base on trust I think..

In Pregnancy - a breast pump!!

What I do first.. I decide to breastfeed my baby.. determine and pray hard to Allah that he will give this gift to me so I can give it to my baby. And I do that since I'm pregnant.. Pray and pray!! Then search info online bout breastfeeding... then, in doubt, tp I try to yakinkan my thought, I bought my breastpump.

Yes, it's ameda lactaline that cost me RM800++ one set.. to certain people gila.. such a huge investment to someone who still pregnant with her 1st baby and so tak tau lagi if she can breastfeed her baby. But yakin boleh!! I actually come across 1 blog yang cakap pasal dia beli breastpump ni awal... and I search for info about breastpump and how they help in breastfeeding.. that's why I decide to buy breastpump in my last weeks of my pregnancy.. I finally bought this on my last weekend before going to hospital :D

Kenapa Ameda? ump.. I want something light ckit and double pump and it's in the budget I have. Quality pon ok... It's homeland same ngan Madela. I'm choosing between spectra dew 350, medela mini e double and this one.. so lastnya hubby suggest that I take this one :) dew 350 is soo cute... so senyap ( I was told) but weight lots :(( I need to carry this one.. office.. home... umah hubby's mom ke.. so tanak la berat sangat. Mini E has higher chance of backflow (I was told). After thinking of others review and see it for myself.. here it is.. the breast pump which I hope boleh berjasa to me :D

After Give Birth - latching

So begin my episode of breastfeeding on morning 22nd November 2011... sy sangatla mamai waktu itu.. still lying in labour room.. nurse datang and bring my sweet lil princess to me and ask me to feed her.. I try putting her mouth to my B.. and it's not successful : (( I said to that nurse.. 'dia tak pandai' then nurse tu take her away..

When I was in ward, they put my baby next to me.. and then suddenly my baby muak... and it smell like milk.. then I know she being fed with formula. Later I learn that they taking sugar level of my baby sebab I'm diabetic when pregnant. That's why they feed her and she never seems hungry and continuosly sleeping :( 

My mom come in afternoon visit with my sis and they try holding my lil honey to my B..  try to get her to feed.. she open her mouth but it seems so difficult to her.. only then I learn that my Nip is flat and my B seems too big for her tiny mouth. So I need to strive to put my B into her mouth.. and it's not successful. In the evening visit, my mom in law do the same too... and again it's unsuccessful. I finally think... 'rupanya susah la breastfeed ni' tapi other mom in my room all feed their baby continuosly cam takde masalah je... :(( their babies are boys.. they keep on want to be fed. I feel so tired trying and I'm still hurt.. siap ada one nurse marah said to me that I didn't try to feed my baby. Other one senior nurse come ask me about my breastfeeding... I said I wasn't successful yet and she check my B and said I got lots colostrum.. but my nip is flat so I have to try harder :((

I can't wait to go home... want to try feeding my baby in my cosy home.. my mom is so worried that my baby haven't got her feed and she cry.. so she give her formula. And I feel so hurt inside.. sedih sangat because I don't know if I can breastfeed her.. now she's drinking formula and I just can hope that she never going to fall in love with it..

I'm not giving up then.. Alhamdulillah sangat I have bought my breastpump.. Now you know why breastpump sangat bagus dibeli before labour... If you unlucky like me, it will be your savior.. bayangkan if jadi camni to you then you only got breastpump cap apa2 yang tangkap muat.. pam - pam sakit pastu tak keluar plak susu.. confirm you tend to give up nak breastfeed baby and continue with formula feed.. betul tak??

What I did is pump my milk... my so little colostrum milk.. and then feed my baby with shringe. Tanak biasakan dia pakai botol susu sebab takut dia dah sedap minum botol tanak breastfeed.. To my horror, my baby kena Jaundice ( I discover in my 3rd day). Warded plak... so I have to force feed her 2 hours - 2 hours... 'aa... camne nak feed dia.. dia tak pandai latch.. tak bukak mata...' Seb baik de breastpump, bleh pump and force feed dia bila dia tak bangun.. and in 3rd day ni la finally, my baby can latch.. and guess what, one of the factor is when I pump my milk.. my flat Nip comes out little by little so she finally manage to latch..

Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow  is my best friend during few first weeks... haah.. saya tak pergi breastfeeding class.. sy tak berapa pandai nak hold cammane.. it takes quite some time for my baby to finally get  to latch in every feeding sebab my flat nip tuu.. so instead of giving up sebab penat nak hold lama - lama just to start feeding, and sakit lengan sebab hold lame - lame..  I get help from a nursing pillow.. so we can concentrate on baby mouth will latch, we just control the breast position..  instead of 'am I holding it right? ..'  Nak pegang lagi.. nak tengok mulut dia lagi.. nak control breast lagi.. so, nursing pillow make life easier.. :))

To me.. mula - mula bila nak breastfeed is.. Baby knows breast.. baby mesti pandai latch.. because when baby finally know how to latch, whatever position pon baby will find it easy.. she will cooperate.. so, sy fikir mula - mula practice latching before position yang macam - macam tuu..

Saya pas few weeks.. pikir if nak travel nursing pillow tu besar.. baru saya try feed tak pkai nursing pillow, dah senang sebab Khayra dah pandai... :) and bila baby dah latch banyak kali nip takan jadi flat dah.. so it's finally working for me and Khayra.

And She Falls In Love

Hehe.. bila baby knows how to latch, she will love it.. :) the warm cuddles of mama and milk.. so she loves being feed all the time.. So begin of episode of tiredness, tears and sleep deprieve.. 
Few times saya menangis sebab my body haven't get used to less sleep and mid night wake up.. and you just can't simply pass the responsibility of breastfeeding to other people. You shouldn't introduce bottle to avoid nipple confusion.. so we must bear it.. 'only we can soothe the crying baby who needs milk at 3 a.m' But don't worry.. after sometimes, we'll get use to it.. 

Honestly, I'm quite lucky.. Khayra can sleep 3 hours straight mula - mula dlu so I got my 3 hours night sleep.. skarang she can sleep between 4 to 5 hours at night before feeding.. so I can get my night sleep lebih kurang camtu. After feeding, tidur balik :D Alhamdulillah.. hopefully soon she'll be good sleeper :)

My Wish

It has been almost 2 months Khayra been fully breastfeed.. sometimes with Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) in avent bottle :D I wish that I can continue to breastfeed Khayra.. I've start express some milk skarang.. hopefully dah kerja pon still boleh bagi expressed milk... :) I'll try.. and we'll see how I manage later,k..

If plan to breastfeed.. venture for info to :

SusuIbu.com forum
Kellymom guide
Parentstv video on breastfeeding tips

Majalah Pa Ma pon same gak de info.. :)

ok... gd luck!!

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