Jun 20, 2012

Happy Day and Sick Day

Most of my friends take a leave during school holidays.. but me and hubby decide to take our leaves later than school holidays.. simply because we don't have schooling kids.. ;p So Monday and Tuesday we decide to take a leave and happily, enjoying our time at home.. Hubby been shopping for drawers at IKEA and he just seems so busy fixing ;D 

I realize that there's not manyKhayra's picture during she's on her tummy.. so I decide to snap some of Khayra's pic when she's on her tummy..

It's good to see you little girl in some action ;D See.. she do love playing on her tummy sometimes.. She make a round turn but never wants to move forward.. Just Circle few times ;D She's already 6 Months plus..

I start working Wednesday but sadly, Khayra got a fever on Friday.. It wasn't so bad because she still feels like playing a little but I'm so worried that I decide to take a leave again. 

 Khayra in fever

Saturday and Sunday.. Khayra is so well. She start to lift her bumps lots of times.. and goyang2. she's ready in crawling position but didn't move forward.. hehe.. she's still practice to hold herself and maybe she got fever because she's about to crawl..;p  But Saturday and Sunday are the worst hazy days ;( 

Khayra suddenly cough and has flu on Tuesday (yesterday) .. and I take a leave another time to bring Khayra to clinic... She couldn't sleep at night and her kahak doesn't seem to come out.. and for the second time I decide to skip flu medicine Promitazine .. I only let Khayra has her ubat cair kahak . I even go back early today to check on her flu.. but it seems she's a happy baby even though a bit sick ;D 

So, tomorrow I can work peacefully because Khayra usually fine during the day.. even though 2 days she had trouble sleeping.. she rest well during the day. Hubby take a leave tomorrow.. 

Sometimes.. when it comes to worryimg bout your daughter.. you just don't have the real spirit to work efficiently ;p and yup.. wanted to share this link bout ubat selsema.. why we shouldn't give ubat selsema to infants. http://drzubaidi.com/blog/?p=670 It's a recomendation from doctor as well... and my pharmacist friend also said the same thing..

Khayra sleeping tonight

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