May 7, 2012

Khayra's1st Food..

Khayra is already 5 Months 1 week when we decide to test giving her food.. just very small amount of food so that Khayra learn how's eating like.. She's been eying our food for few weeks :D

Khayra 5 Months with abang Zafran at Yan's wedding ;)

Khayra wants mama's frappy.. :)

 Khayra shopping her 1st jar food

It's Monday 30 April, the first time Khayra had her first food. It's a jar puree of Pumpkin and Sweet Corn.. (It taste more like Pumpkin ;p) It's hubby's choice and Khayra like it too.. 

The first time, some did come out.. and she even cry because eating is something slow to her.. she thought that she can continuosly swallow like when she drink her milk ;D The second time she start to enjoy the food.. and wanted to eat lots.. But mama afraid if the food is too much for her ;p 

Khayra 1st day eating.. ;D

Thursday, everything has finished so I decide to buy her Cerelac Rice with milk.. she seems to enjoy it too.. and she's 5 Months 2 weeks now.. ;) I thought of making puree for her, to help her love other things and get more nutrients.. bought myself a book .. Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook ( still on the way) .. this one from Malaysia so it suits our menu.. and order one English puree book from Kinokuniya for different type of menu..

Currently, everything seems fine.. she digest well.. Not a day without poo - poo.. hehe.. And she's still on breastmilk except that I'm a bit worried if I had to mix with some formula in case if my stock empty.. I'm running out of stock.. So, 2nd lesson learnt.. Plz, stock up your milk when on maternity leave.. don't be lazy ;D


Qyla Aqilah said...

Memberikan kelainan pada hari anda. Saree material yang boleh dibuat baju kurung, kebaya, blouse dan sebagainya.
Mai ler berkunjung ke blogshop saya..:) Harga yang dijamin lebih murah!!

aNis LeMoN aBu said...

Awww. cute name & cute face, khayra. makan banyak-banyak. biar cepat besar jadi orang cantik dan baik :)

eh, u, takpe kan i doakan khayra macam nie?

cheers :)

Hana said...

takpe je... thank u :))