May 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I haven't really mention bout my home before... Well, pretty much some history to us.. We currently living peacefully in it.. hehe! Simple to me.. And still lots need improvement.. 

We get ourselves  powder coated grille in brown color.. I like it so much. Simple design.. Just from a contractor who usually here..

We bought our Lightings at 99 Lighting somewhere at Kota Damansara. We love their ceiling lights design. Browse a few kedai but tak jumpa yg bekenan di hati. But the shop will close soon, maybe can check at Top Ten Puchong, their partner later. We bought fans at lighting shop near my mom's house at Jalan Bukit Kemuning.. I forgot the name.. It's RM235 for KDK remote 4 bilah..

Some of the lighting we've chose since we didn't use plaster ceiling and not planning to have one

 Ceiling Lamp

 IKEA Simple hanging lamp

 Room Light

 IKEA Spotlight

We decide to make our first Hall and Master Bedroom langsir at MACY (they got discount that time :D) .. and bought the rest ready made at IKEA. We decide to hang the curtain at maximum level.. :)) Hubby love to shop at Houz Depot and IKEA.. He got his almari TV  at Houz Depot. Got our Sofa at IKEA.. Luv TIDAFORS in brown :D And the first bed we bought at Harvey Norman.. ( we so in love with the design.. so much... boleh sandar, storage at head and bawah katil... so practical.) and it's on SALE.. that's why ;D I really fancy Harvey Norman stuff but the price tag :o Will have to save if I adore something..hehe..

We got our tilam and dining table at the shop nearby ;D I luv Harvey Norman's design but this one quite a copy la.. ;p. Luv the mattress too.. King Koil.. Now,  I love my ow bed more than other places in the world.. ;p

No Kitchen cabinet for me... :(( We decide to save before getting a perfect design..

We bought our first TV at Komplek Desa.. Jauh kan.. but it's cheap. Berbaloi sangat to us. Shop for Peti Ais and Panasonic air cond at HLK.. recommend this shop.. ;)) and Mesin Basuh at SenQ. Still lots of stuff to fill the house.. By the times.. most of the essential are there.. 

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nuha hayati said...

so lovely..fasa 'buat' rumah sendiri. sweet!