Jan 11, 2011

The Not So Wonderful Beginning..

Baru je 10 hari tahun baru kan.. Most people maybe still in full spirit.. My beginning is not that wonderful.. Start work with such a full spirit to accomplish more this year but end up knowing that one of my colleague will leave us for a new biz plan.. It's good for him though.. Wish him good luck! but my assistant will leave my unit to cover his job so I have to figure out on how to complete things on my own. I should see it as a challenge, I know...

Flu comes visiting me the whole week last week :( But flu only.. without fever which is good :)  Friday I join my officemates making sandwiches.. but I eat so little because my flu gets worst. I'm just get better this weekend. Not really fully recovered... And actually I'm waiting for my monthly best friend to come visit me.. but it's a bit late now... I hope there'll be good news :D Currently.. nothing to confirm yet..

Abah supposed to undergo an operation today.. He went already to the hospital yesterday. Unluckily, it is postponed.. so he has to wait for March.

Life goes on like normal these days.. still learning to keep up.

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