Jan 21, 2011

Wedding Reveal.. hehe

Ok.. received some good news this week.. :)

Last Tuesday I got a call from Mr Lukman.. and he told me that my video is almost ready.. he just need pics so that he can make the album cover.. So I finally manage to get in touch with Mr Rashdi from peveyhack on Wednesday.. ( He told me that my album maybe completed around February.. hopefully) I hope everything will settle then so I can get my video by next week.. :) Happy!!

And another surprise comes in Wednesday when Danialhaikal finally call.. yay.. album dah siap! Suke2...  So smalam dah pegi amek dah album tu.. simple and nice la to me.. cume sebab storyboard so takla banyak sangat gambar printed kan.. Hubby said he wants to print several 8R to put in his sticky album he bought from Manggis last time.. and print banyak2 lagi nak buh kat slot in album.. :p saje je.. nak bagi puas hati semua orang.. nanti diorang ckp ckit je gambar.. "cyg.. why not make another custom album :p"

Besh2.. dah start dapat material.. so pasni bleh la penuhkan blog ni ngan gambar2 kawen kite.. hehe.. tapi begin with reception belah hubby la coz gambar dah dpt.. Sbenarnye.. manyak je yang same between our majlis.. Like performance sebab hubby yang arrange.. tapi takpe la kan... dah de manyak gambar.. post la manyak2 kat sini.. :D

Insya Allah.. will try to begin posting this weekend.. Excited Mode !! :)

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