Mar 30, 2010

Coretan Hari Ini..

Sebenarnye hari ini sangat penat.. actually takde pape pon.. cuma sebab yesterday feeling a bit unwell jadi decide untuk makan ubat untuk mengelakkan demam.. I know it's not good to simply take medicine tapi.. sy  sangat tidak suke sakit.. well, it works except that rase a bit macam sleep - walking.. ahaks. Well, drugs always make you feel sleepy.

The first day at work.. rase macam ramainye orang cari. Ye la, I'm suppose to take my CTR on Friday but my boss ask me to come to direct nego meeting.. so, I should present myself. Lately, banyak pulak such this contract due to transfer technology things. Then, I take my CTR on Monday. Both Saturday and Sunday Iwan is away.. with office activities.. Nice he won the bowling tournemant.. ( I'm so opposite him.. failed when it comes to bowling) One of the thing which I really like about Iwan is.. I adore his passion to things.. like when he loves IT and strive to learn and now, an IT exect.. with 0 starting. He's not like me.. I was asked to really concentrate to studies.. Then when he likes photography and keep learning till now.. and when he learn to play bowling.. well, I envy when he invest in such things but that makes him an interesting man to me..  The first one of the thing that make me like him is.. he can play guitar.. :) maybe not the real one who play lead all the time.. but at least he sounds it right.. and make me smile!

Well, I'm still an ordinary girl seeking out of my true desire and passion in life.. I still wonder if I'll able be good in anything.. Ump.. my life is on track at least.

Since Friday spent for meeting and Monday off - day, so today is a day when the all the contractors start calling.. at least, it makes me ready to really working after 2 weeks away from work. It feels bad sometimes that you owe people's money.. :( but it's an interesting job that I always enjoy.

Yesterday is quite a nightmare.. Iwan's car broke down on Saturday.. so, Iwan need help to bring his parents to Rawang.. It's about house loan settlement so I agree to pick him and his parents up at noon. We thought to be back at least by 8 something so it won't be like too late since I need to drive alone back home.. But Rawang stuck with traffic jam.. from pekan Rawang to tol exit.. like 4 hours :( so sick waiting in the car.. Nak cari toilet pon alamak.. seksanya nak tunggu sampai. Then, we only reach PJ at almost 11.. Sbenarnye, I'm not so good at driving at night so Iwan is kind of worried actually.. but to me it's a good trial.. a let go of my mental block.

The good thing is.. I meet Kak La from Rass Deco and we discuss things.. I just want to confirm that I'll rent her pelamin rumah as well.. and ask bout some other things.. Iwan is taking Rass Deco for everything from catering to deco.. I'm so jealous with what she offers.. but my dad didn't want to change his favourite caterer.. Well, I just follow his choice then.. After all, Iwan's wedding is mine as well.. :)

Guess.. I'm off after pouring my heart out.. Oh, I forgot, Saturday I went seeing Petunia launch.. the new type of house at Bandar Bukit Raja by Sime Darby.. it looks just like Ellis.. (inside) but it cost 333k. My Avira now priced at 380k.. waa.. previously it's only 328k before bumi discount.. So, to those yg nak bli property, don't wait too long.. it keep on increasing... Well, going to help my mom with cooking.. :)

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