Mar 2, 2010

Tentang Baju Kahwin dan Induksi...

Teringat plak lagu 'tentang seseorang' yang me and merz, one of my best friend time skolah n matrix asyik ulang2 nyanyi. Merz always be one of the person yg boleh layan lagu at the same time with me.. :) Windu sungguh zaman - zaman remaja.. :D 

Ump.. just wants to get myself to a happy mood. Well, yesterday, I call Kak Dayang just to update the dress status. And she told me that everything goes smoothly.. Actually I forgot to tell kak dayang to make my veil as well and she said that she's expecting me to request that.. hehe. She told me a story that she search the whole Tok Abang and only found one shop with the color that I like.. I'm so thankful that she didn't give up nak buat my baju. I think I should search for my veil design as soon as possible..And, the tailor confirm to do the same design as picture for baju bertandang.. die even nak add details.. thinking of if duduk, kain pergi side.. so, belah dalam tuh still got detail.. maybe kerawang ke patch .. waa.. sangatla particular.

Anyway, she's going to Bandung again this May.. so if anyone yg nak sewa baju baru from her or buat baju baru with her.. why not try and ask her about it. To me the price that I got for new baju sepasang with groom inclusive of kain and beadings.. your own measurement.. is so affordable.. and keep in my closet.. Boutique here pon banyak jgk yang charge higher than that for sewa only. It just, she's at Kampar or Kg Gajah Perak.. So to those yang jauh maybe susah sikit.. neway, last time pattern yg krim pink punya dress tuh ade yg almost equal ngan latest Majalah Pengantin.. kan..

nih fotopages die.. so, you can view some baju and maybe, some of it would be your choice.. who knows..
well..  i heart the purple one yang meleret tuh.. she told me that my baju maybe siap this april.. waa.. awal.. but at least, maybe, I can view exactly everything.. n if ade pape tak kene.. I hope it still can be fix..

well, induction.. i'll still go next friday...I've chit chat with En Jimmy.. during my bengkel fail meja.. and he told me that I should just enjoy the time.. Well, from his story, it's not that bad.. so, it just like some old time camp.. it just it's for grown up.. well, I can relax a bit hearing the tips.. including how to easily ensure my baju all clean.. thanx! huhu.

And.. I desperately want to watch Alice in Wonderland.. Huah!!!

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