Mar 24, 2010

Preview Induction and Bookings at Pameran Pengantin..

 All of Us!

Waa.. sudah lame tidak update kerana terlalu sibuk.. after the first day I come to this Pusat Latihan Kg Gajah, which I've had sometimes to give some views of this place, Starting the next day.. My schedule become so tight.. The day spent going to the course talks... the night spent for assignments and practice.. We have 1 group assignment, 1 workbook to be completed, 1 individual assignment, 1.. 5 minutes speech, and tomorrow got exam some more.. but I thought to rest sometimes first before giving full concentration on the notes :D Today is a free day.. a revision day actually.. all the assignment done! And, we have group performance and Sukaneka as well.. 

Ok, Saturday is the start of this induction.. Like usual, begins with Ice - breaking.. which consist of 1 project, the logo, moto, objective, ethics, the charts.. and so on.. There are 3 portions that we have to fulfilled.. 1st, the project called Menara Impian, we've been given some manilla card and straws.. so we have to come out with the tower design. The next portion is the group board.. which should be decorated and filled with charts and others. Another portion is.. to think of the presentation and the idea of logo, ethics, objectives, song, moto, and all that.. So many things to get done.. and the time frame given from morning till 6 o'clock. The presentation begin at 8.00 p.m.. Well, we are 16 people.. so it's not that difficult :D

First, we divide the group to all these portion. I join the project group because of my technical background, because we need to present the project. The cost, vibility.. location, and we need to answer the questions from the panels. So, we decide the design, location, and all.. then we proceed with building the tower!

My group member.. tgh beruseha!

But, I didn't join the entire process because my friends need my help drawing the logo. Hwa.. saya tak pandai melukis.. seriously! But they need help so I just try my besh! The design is theirs..

The final result... hehe! sangat klakar kan semut nih.
Tak tau nampak macam binatang ape..

Oh.. before I forgot! Why, all this antz.. actually my group name is Semut Hitam! the moto "kecil menggegar dunia" I think the name and the moto is pretty good.. and meaningfull! I love them!

Nih my friends tengah busy planning for board decorating...

Then everything complete and we successfully presented everything! Well, there are technical problems but it's not that big damage.. So, the outcome..

After the presentation :)

The tower and the board! Nice right!

Most of the day memang spend time untuk go to the talks and come back home to do my assignment.. but there's one day off on wednesday so we decide to go to Teluk Batik! Hehe.. berehat and melancong!

Me and my roomate Nisa.. enjoying air kelapa cost RM2 only!

Then we've got sukaneka as well.. My group unfortunately get no 5.. :( but it's ok.. everyone enjoy the day. Each group should organize 1 game and the game we organize, we didn't have to play.. so total game 5, joined 4 only. My group organize game 'Ikat Kaki'. Other Games include 2 games with belon air and 1 is like a war game :)

This game you have to throw the balloon at the back..
and person behind have to catch la.. if not, pecah! Xsenang OK!

This one is War Game.. see.. ikat belon kat kaki then other person have to pijak bagi pecah.. Xaci kan main pertahanan :p

We as well have dinner with theme "retro nite".. Sangat happening.. My group buat show name "Siti Lelah" macam cinderella tapi dah modified dah..  and retro means lots of dancing so.. Lots of dancing scene.. Sangat meriah! Other group pon banyak buat dancing scene.. besh.. Overall.. semua show OK!

My group in 'retro nite' mood!


Overall memang happy la with all the activity.. Betul.. It feels like going back to the school days when everyone goes crazy.. climb the stage and dance.. hehe! The satisfaction is great sebab after all the hard work.. everything's done! So to those yang nak kena pegi induction.. tak taulah if other gov bodies macam mana... but this is the one for UiTM's staff.. ade jugak dari Pelabuhan Kuantan, Perbadanan Aset Keretapi and dari Majlis Daerah Cameron. So, tak payah la risau sangat.. sebab sronok.. Like me.. I'm worried at first and it's really not that bad.. It just, you have to cooperate and be sporting!


Ok.. about the bookings, walaupun hari tu tak dapat pergi wedding expo at PWTC, but Iwan dengan sangat baik hatinya pegi and book for me.. Nice I got Rass Deco for pelamin n deco dewan. And Iwan book video too.. from LH mediatv.. Now, photography.. still deciding.. hope in this April all the bookings settle.. :) Nice!

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