Mar 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland..

I'm so happy that I can manage to watch this movie yesterday.. :) I've wanted to watch this a few months back. Thanks to my dear Iwan yang sangat baik hati pergi belikan the tickets in the afternoon. So, sempat lah to get the tickets. 

So, how's the movie? It's a bit different than the actual Alice in Wonderland that we use to grow up with.. but I love the differences.. It's still a fantasy story. To Iwan, it's not as adventurous as he expected it to be.. but to me, Alice is female.. so I don't expect it to be an adventurous one.. or actions like watching angelina jolie's stories these days. I think it's more like something for a girl to see.. It just.. it seems like the story end shortly, 1 hour plus only.. maybe it can be better described in a longer hours of scenes..

The thing is.. it still has it's  fantasy and fairy tales feeling that usually can give inspiration to girls.. So, I'm quite satisfied with overall stories.. and 3D.. it's a colorful story so i think it looks good in 3D.

Speaking of Johnny Debb, a quite handsome person to me.. but always acts in characters that I consider as interesting.. something that not so human like.. or playfull sometimes.. with weird looks, I think this one is quite interesting.. it just,  I prefer his acting during Pirate of Carribean much more. Well, my favourite in this story is the blue catterpiller, the cat.. and the white queen.. I don't know.. but I just like them.. :) 

Anne Hathway.. she looks good in fairy tale movie.

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