Mar 12, 2010

Dh Sampai Kg Gajah..

Ump, I actually have like weird thoughts about induction weeks. Rase macam.. Gosh, two weeks.. Lamenye.. OK ke dok sane? Whose my roomate? Ok ke nanti facilities die.. including.. banyak ke baju nak kne bawak.. Well, my good day start yesterday.. when Nisa email me asking if I still remember her since we did our induksi khusus together.. and I'm so glad that she will do her induksi umum together with me again.. At least I know someone.. At the bus stop I meet some other familiar faces and ktorang naik bas together.. 8 of us.. Well, it's not so bad.. 

I thought that my bag is so big.. yes, it's so big but.. it's not as that difficult as I imagined to carry for like a long way.. The bus stop in front of the 'hostel' and our room on 1st floor.. good right! And it's not so hostel like.. towel supplied, with small soap and shampoo.. got sejadah.. air-conditioned and WiFi.. so, it's not so bad like my old time hostel when I was in college.. bathroom pon look nice and share with next door person je. 

Well, kind of a good beginning.. today got no activity.. everything will start tomorrow.. jd bersedia untuk belajar tentang Dasar - dasar kerajaan.. haha! Perintah Am.. PKPA.. pe bende la tuh.

My dear Iwan will book my favorite vendor for pelamin at PWTC.. xtau la dpt or not.. dh tanye, and the vendor cakap still available. Hopefully ok!


Yanie said...

Induction untuk apa ni you? Kerja baru ke? Petronas ke you?

Hana said...

Xde la.. keje ngan GoV la.. nak confirm kne dtg induksi dlu.