Oct 29, 2010

Post Mortem Wedding..

Wedding sy Alhamdulillah.. berjalan dengan baik.. but it's good I think to share certain things which I think important to B2B.. Yang cantik2.. nanti la pics takde lagi.. except this one..

Thanx to en rashdi.. from peveyhack (curik dr fb die.. hehe )

Sometimes.. you have planned ur besh.. but tragic things and mistakes can just happen.. and share experience memang satu yang baik kan.. Even my hubby sendiri pon learn things from what has happen.. and hope you guys do takes precaution to all things yg I'm going to said..

~ 1st.. ( A wedding planner is a must/ big help).. most of us bloggers are wedding planner ourselves kan.. like me I tend to do everythings on my own.. Me and hubby yang keluar pergi cari vendor.. So, we put our numbers there.. we deal here and there with our name.. my parents just follow whatever it is that I've planned.. My sis is married with a child so I don't want to bother her and my cousins all away.. I hardly story my real plan to my besties.. Ok, things yang B2B patut buat 1st is.. get someone you trusted... give her all the vendors number.. make sure she knows A- Z whatever your planning is.. Remember, no matter how good we are.. we can't be the wedding planner ourselves on our own.. we won't have that much time on that day.. let the vendors know that, "this is my bestie.. and she will incharge in case of any information needed on that day.." better dia ok with your parents jugak la.. so if vendor call tanye anything related to whatever yang your parents willing to pay, she can help you by telling your parents.. this guy call, and whatever it is that the vendor request.. Give her that phone.. and whatever payment yang kne settle on that day... Honestly, I thought that it won't be as that much hassle but... the truth is.. it did bother you a bit here and there..

On Saturday evening, vendor dah start setting dewan.. by that time my nikah time pon around the corner.. so MUA dah dtg nak make up, but vendor krusi meja dewan call asking things like camne nak set up dewan... and the mist fan person pon call nak bgtau nak kena tambah mist fan..and the truth is in my head.. "Guys, I'm busy.. I'm worried coz my nikah time is just around the corner" but of course you have to calmly answer things kan... so I try to answer things at the same time with the make up session... :) Patience plz.. you have to have it lots! so, if you don't want to be bothered... get your bestie to help, ok!

Yang nak wat any last minute deco pon same.. let someone knows your plan ape tau.. takut tak jadi like you expect nanti.. sedih je :(

~ Remind each item that your vendor have to provide and get someone to check on behalf of you if you can't. My nikah time malam.. so dah bergambar semua dah lewat dh.. so my aunts suggest that I went to bed sebab I should look fresh the next day.. I trusted my vendor so much since I carefully select them.. but they are human jugak tau... so, ade chance they forget.. 1st time I look at my dewan is exactly mase berarak masuk.. to my 2nd horror of that day, (1st one next ek :D) my dewan takde red carpet :( and there's nothing I can do right.. it has happen.. no one told me that red carpet tak pasang.. some don't know.. and I did told my parents ade red carpet but diorang pon sibuk kan.. :( they didn't notice kot.. I ask Kak La how's it happening and it's her staff that forget.. die sendiri dah pesan.. so? her track record memang bagus.. even her pelamin are gorgeously done.. tapi kadang - kadang orang wat salah.. such this thing bleh happen once in a blue moon kan.. let's not let such this things happen to you, OK..

~Complete All DIY before that day seboleh - bolehnya.. If you think something like.. we will have sometimes, at this time on that day.. no, don't think like that.. mungkin mase tu takde untuk kamu.. mungkin ade orang dtg nak jenguk kamu.. mungkin itu dan ini.. so, if you want it DIY by yourself, get it done.. Unless ade orang nak tolong and you don't mind the outcome is.. sebab time ramai - ramai ni.. chances are.. banyak tangan n mungkin jadi tak seperfect yang kamu nak.. kitorang actually tak banyak sangat DIY pon.. yg last minute cam hantaran semua.. I just let my friend help me.. so, terima kasih sangat.. to rainie, mahan and kak ni my cousin.. Mase yang skejap je.. semua complete dengan elok.. So, bile orang tolong.. Alhamdulillah.. sikit pon sy tak fussy..

~Standby person.. Pe perasaan kamu bile kamu dah siap dengan comelnya.. at 1.30 sepatutnya kamu sampai.. then 1.20 your family call dari dewan cakap.. "Ana, dewan black out separuh, pelamin takde lampu.. :( " Tak tau la sy nak ckp camne time tu.. macam frustrated gile.. sedih sgt.. but keep it cool.. sy call orang MBSA, die ckp.. kejap, die cari orang... bleh tak penjaga dewan pon bleh takde plak time tu.. seb baik my sis got idea call orang TNB yang memang well known sentiasa ade standby person.. diorang ngan baik hati datang tolong cek situation.. then my pelamin pon menyala balik.. but hujung 3 lampu off due to that trip.. n Kak La memang ckp.. they are sensitive to tripping.. Ok.. So, conclusion.. make sure you have all the phone number.. 1) penjaga dewan.. 2) Owner property like my dewan it's MBSA 3) TNB.. and sesiapa yang bleh tolong kamu untuk emergency...

Walaupun banyak dugaannya... sy sronok semua dah selesai dengan baik.. semua suke food kat wedding sy.. tu yang wat mama and abah happy sangat :) tu yang penting bagi saya.. mama and abah puas hati.. bersanding tu kan macam our parents punya hari jugak kan... so, to cover up unproper things.. Kak La will try to deliver the best weekend ni at my hubby punye side.. To me, hari nikah is much more personal.. and it's perfect .. :)

Ok, later for updates..


ElyaElmo said...

hanaaa....bnyk jugakk dugaan nye yehh...
ape2 punn dh settle kan...
hana pakai catering n bridal mana?

Mia-Ina said...

byk sungguh dugaan..risau lak dengar...pepun, tahniah hana..selamat pengantin baru ye

Hana said...

Ump.. tu la.. tapi smue dh ok :) elya, kite pkai ekhwan catering, baju, pelamin, make up smue asing2.. Mia, takpe.. doa bebanyak smue ok, insya Allah smue dugaan dapat diatasi.. :)

mysarah said...

im happy for u dear :)

ur entry ni sangat memberi kesedaran to me yg memang sangat fussy n sangat nak buat semua benda sendirik. kena cari dalam diri balik sume ni :P

Hana said...

mysarah.. if ade mase takpe nak fussy.. but mase majlis memang tak sempat nak wat pape dah..