Aug 18, 2010

Something yang bersahaja...

I wonder if I can really look good in pictures.. and will I look good just by being myself  without posing
But.. since photo is about capturing emotion as well... rasenya.. it will be nice too that we just enjoy the moments.. so that they capture the true feelings.. Jadi.. enjoy the luv feelings.. so that it comes out to your face.. so you look just so in luv.. and romantic.. hehe..

Not really planning for pre - wedding but maybe.. will do it if got sometimes.. I just love the look of all this pictures.. nampak lebih bersahaja.. Can photo really talk..

vespa pon bleh jadi elemen menarik, kan..

~photos from Sweet As Candy ~

                                                                  A picnic theme... nice too

Suke sangat pic ni... sweet

all photos are courtesy of photographers.. :)

Phew... besh2 if pics more to like this daripada really posing - posing shot... sebab.. I wanted to look like I'm so in luv.. hehe.. Cyg, can we do the picnic shots... luv it..


mysarah said...

gambar bersahaja lagi best kan! looks natural is better

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

betul kata sarah tu..btw i like yang nampak kasut sepasang tu hahaaha

Hana said...

mysarah : betul - betul.. sy pon suke.. very natural.

nora : hehe.. nanti boleh request kat OP for that pic kan.. :)

Lala said...