Jul 2, 2010

Update wedding my dad's friend punye son

Huhu.. well, I've talked about this.. haven't blogging for quite sometimes kan.. Last weekend pegi PD visiting my aunt.. lagipun my grandma ade kat rumah die.. will put that on my next entry :) This whole week tak sempat la, too tired especially dengan my lap top meragam.. (will let Iwan dear take a look at it this weekend, I hope).. Ump.. Tuesday jadi urusetia kursus, thursday and today got audit for new ISO certification.. So, this week tak sempat pulak nak menaip naip..  :D

Ok, presenting the Picas...

So, the color of the year I may call, silver.. nice, kan..
This is the groom's family and the groom has kembar if you notice
The middle friend is my sweet childhood friend yan.. She's so gorgeous now..

I like this pic.. because the bride nampak sgt ceria.. :)

Rasenye ramai kenal kot pasangan yang dengan bride and groom ni.. kan2
Sorry la snap from tempat duduk je..

If you ask me I might say... It's a nice simple wedding.. artificial flower but gorgeously done.. so nampak everything cantik.. :)

Oleh sebab camera meragam and hari sudah lambat maka kenduri lagi satu tak snap pon gambar.. dh nak balik elok plak camera tuh.. so snap pic my lil Zafran lagi.. hehe..

Ok.. next entry plak nnt.. :)

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