Jul 14, 2010

Baju Kahwin dan Tissot

Actually these few days memang de few progress on the wedding which I'm kind of so happy about :)

I went out on Sunday too, so in mood to search for our watch and the CK jeans that Iwan so interested on.. On Saturday dah survey2 dekat few kedai including CK Jeans punya boutique nak cari one jeans yang kind of OK untuk dibuat hantaran and in the cutting yang Iwan feel comfortable with.. He's kind of like tak berape minat dengan Levi's punya cutting so kenalah carik something else..

So, we went to The Curve.. Sebab tau ade CK Jeans kat situ. Ade satu jeans yang Iwan suke tapi takde size.. So I ask the salesman other CK Jeans selain Pavillion and Curve.. Die cakap ade kat Mid Valley ngan Pyramid.. sebab ingat nak pergi Subang Parade nak beli Iwan punye jam.. Kitorang pon pergi la Pyramid.. and lucky that Pyramid still ade few pattern yang ade size untuk Iwan.. and he likes them too so finally belilah CK jeans satu.. and the price tak sampai RM300.00 pon.. sebab clearance kan.. affordable jugakla die punya price.. :) Nape tak bli baju kerja.. "tanak runtuhkan almari... hehe"

My parents also go out on Saturday.. Diorang dah belikan langsir and cadar.. I just told my mom yang I don't mind.. I just want something cotton and cream untuk cadar and langsir yang match with color dinding.. so they decide what's best for me.. tak tengok lagi langsir but that cadar is nice :) I do like it.. Sayang Mama ngan Abah.. :)

And actually on Sunday tu tak sempat pon nak pergi beli jam.. hehe.. dah lambat..

Yesterday call kak dayang then die mms gambar my silver dress.. and it looks better dari yang the first design.. so proceed je dengan baju tuh :) so mintak die completekan the whole set with veil and shoes ngan samping skali.. Plus, meet Unaisah yesterday for our first meeting.. she suggest me few design which I think nice.. She's nice like what everyone said.. we had a very good chat even though the first time.. and Thank God I decide to wait for her untuk buat baju tu :) Seb baik die agree dengan my kain and told me that she's excited because I got with me 6m chiffon and 6m satin apart from the 2m lace.. so she can play with her creativity :) I trust that I can have a pretty dress with her :) Praying that everything goes well..

Pas jumpe Unaisah.. we went to Subang Parade.. have some dinner at Sari Ratu, our fav place :)  and negotiate the watch price and guess what... We Bought Them there.. I really recommend that shop for Tissot brand.. Time2Time at Subang Parade.. :) Iwan choose the watch I'm talking about before but I change my mind.. I agree with a Tissot too.. not AX or Guess.. hehe..

Why Tissot

1) Oh, Value For Money
2) It's Swiss made.. (a watchmaker quality. so we pay for quality not design only)
3) Cermin die wat dari sepphire so die tak calar
4) And one of the important one is... tak slalu kot ade budget untuk bli jam mahal.. Tanak la pakai 2, 3 tahun dah calar2 and rosak so.. opt for something yang long lasting

And my kain batik also has been send to tailor.. sangat happy...Ok la.. till then for new update..


Xora said...

Yup! tissot mmg pilihan yg terbaik! designer watch macam AX dan Guess, kualiti hasil jam mmg tak setanding cam Tissot ke, Tag Heur ke kan?

hana yoriee said...

wow..everything went well..gud gud..dapat sume yg diimpikan..unaisah n the faveret watch..ehe.. =) well done..mesti cantek unaisah buat baju kamu!! nnt kasi teaser sket eyh? =D

Hana said...

Xora : Betul2.. Tapi Tag agak mahal la.. :( so dapat Tissot pon kire ok la kan.. Good quality Swiss Made watch..

Hana: Alhamdulillah.. stakat ni smue ok.. :) nanti if de new update on unaisah punye baju kite btau ek..baju hana yang final mesti cantik jugak kan :)