Jun 16, 2010

Pilih Kekasih Hati..

Senang ke?
Tak mudah kot...

Nak cerita tentang seorang rakan saya yang saya kasihi.. Dia sangat baik.. Walaupun membesar di Kl.. and she's a free hair girl.. tapi dia seorang yang sangat baik.. pandai menjaga tata tertib.. that's the person I've known in 2 years time.. Waktu saya kenal dia.. hatinya sudah pon dimiliki oleh seorang lelaki yang juga rakan baik saya waktu itu.. I can't see any cacat cela nya between them.. even though we did spend lots of time together.. oh, semuanya nampak baik.. They've known each other since buat diploma lagi.. That guy pon baik hati everyday amek n antar die.. They were both in my class.. So, no issues such schedule lain and etc. This lovebird has always been a couple that I adore so much.. so much because they are so romantic with each other.. and nice with each other.. that's what I've seen.. I always envy them. Like normal couple they did fight and laugh.. and merajuk.. but they seems strong and will be together one day..That's what I believe..
2 other couples in my class decide to get married just after finish our degree.. but not my friend and her bf. They thought that the time hasn't come yet.. Both of them so busy with works.. like normal construction consultant with tons of in hand project.. They hardly see each other.. and tup2.. one day the girl announce that she's so sad that they have to clash... It's so sad.. It's something that seems unreasonable but it can happen to anyone..

Saya rasa betul jodoh di tangan Tuhan.. dan semuanya boleh jadi dugaan.. Saya dan Iwan, juga ada dugaan.. But how strong a person is? For most girls to decide that he's really the one seems like a lot of energy and thoughts needs to come with it.. but we have too.. right.. And the winner should be someone that love us and we too love and willing to spend our life with.. dan saya rase betul.. since long time ago.. myth and legend that evil powers trying to defeat love.. and only a strong love survive... sama seperti bencinya syaitan when we talk of marriage.. and whatever goodness that come with it..

someone to protect :)
from deshow.net

I ask this one person when she'll get married.. and she just laugh.. and from her face, she maybe not thinking about it because her parents divorce when she and her sister a grown up.. imagine at 20's your parents divorce and your mom not working and you still have a sister that is still in kindergarten.. you're the one that see your dad with someone else and it's not once.. It has been a long time.. and at last, there's nothing to be saved.. Without a man in the house and a bad example, and she's taking all the responsibilities.. will she even consider marriage..?

Ump.. memang tak mudah kan nak pilih kekasih hati.. tapi tak bermakna a girl has to give up kan.. Imagine grow old alone without husband and anak - anak yang datang jenguk.. and remember that doa anak - anak la nak pelihara kita di alam barzakh kan.. If we decide that we don't want to get married.. It seems like we did let go of one bonus that Allah gives us.. jodoh lambat tu ketentuan Tuhan.. tapi usaha dan tawakal tu pon penting, betul tak?

Will our love ever reach the 100 anniversary :)
'courtesy of deshow.net'

I remember one of my friend adore this guy dari course lain at my fac.. and she try to be brave.. getting this guy punya number.. and today.. this guy already her fiance'.. :) ump.. tak salah rasenya.. just jaga tatacara.. my friend got help from her friend as well la.. so it can be.. girl try to befriend guy in the name of friendship.. dari menunggu dan menunggu dan tak jadi ape2 pon.. tak salah kan get to know other people, berkawan.. you can learn lots of human character by befriend them.. so, it's true jodoh di tangan Tuhan.. but we can try to seek in this modern world.. at least., if you didn't get a lover, you can get a friend and a contact.. who knows he can help your biz :)

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