Jun 7, 2010

Bila Semangat Menurun...

Ump.. tak lame je lagi nak kahwin.. 4 months plus.. serious 4 months plus bukan satu tempoh yang lama.. tapi there are still few things yang nak kena sort.. ade lagi benda yang tak settle.. and at this stage.. tak tau lah.. just that my spirit pon macam going down sikit..

I love to see beautiful wedding.. Things that seems perfect but at the same time.. I've watched wedding yang just nice yang tak lebih2 sangat but still it is satisfying to everyone.. Maybe it's me myself yang hard to please.. and everyone around me expecting a wonderful wedding.. My mom even bought lace for her dress for my wedding.. and one of my aunt talk about doing a different than usual dress cutting for my wedding..  A special one I mean.. I gave kain ela to my few cousins which will involve in the flow.. and I know they'll make a nice dress out of it.. I love everyone's spirit when they really take seriously of my wedding.. but sometimes you just got this aww and feel like you yourself not sure if your wedding will look beautiful and you yourself look good on that day... and in the end, what's come to my head after the headache is whatever.. whatever.. because I've tried my best right..

So, there goes at this stage.. I even think of reducing whatever I can.. First, I thought of getting beautiful transperant tent untuk malam nikah.. and it cost almost twice the arabian canopy.. I know I can just kawtim ngan my mom.. so we can just half - half the things because my mom will sponsor the tent at the ordinary cost so if I nak lebih - lebih so I should just add to things.. bila pikir - pikir.. nikah sekejap je.. makan then sibuk2 nak amek gambar merata.. kat pelamin, kat bilik.. bagai.. so, I might not need the tent as that much.. so I can save.. I can use a bit of the extra untuk beli lights untuk sangkut kat pokok depan rumah.. and maybe some candles untuk hiasan to wherever yang boleh.. ump.. maybe I don't need it that much..

Then actually, few things dah disettlekan.. I've paid the final amount untuk dewan on friday.. :) and me and Iwan have send Iwan punya kain untuk buat baju melayu nikah this evening.. so kira ok la kan.. my dad dah cat most part yang patut.. he decide to change all the green to yellow gold..  so that boleh masuk ngan my theme untuk malam brown.. I even ask my dad nak change feature wall sebab nak tukar tempat kepala katil tuh....and dia dah repair - repair rumah semua.. ump.. seb baik gak la org kerja tuh nak dtg hari sabtu.. ingat  nak cat snirik ngan en abg.. haha.. my dad takut tak siap je.. hehe.. next mengemas betul - betul plak nanti n decos..

The one yang dah cat :)

Pastu hari tu sempat gak gik try this baju.. which maybe jadi my baju kahwin.. tapi tak confirm lagi because I'm waiting for the other one yang maybe lebih cantik..  So rupe die.. lebih kurang camni la.. tak grand pon.. biasa je..

tapi corset tuh tak pink la.. silver grey supposely..

Then.. dah contact 2 photographer yang berpotensi untuk Iwan side.. so tengah in discussion and finalize yang mane nak amek.. hopefully by next week confirm most of the things yang belum..

Yang besh today.. I go shopping for kain untuk  opah kaler grey and brown then baju pengapit.. for my dear Asmahan.. kain ela plain dubai satin in pink and grey..

Harap - harapnya.. semua berjalan dengan baik.. :)

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