Dec 23, 2011

A New Mother..

Here I am A new mother to my 1 Month old Khayra Sofea at the age of 25 :)

After 1 Month, I begin to adapt with the fact that I'm a new Mom.. :) 
Remember those days when I am a mother to be.. So excited to have my first child. Every seconds I chat with hubby.. we always mention our baby. I bought Pa Ma, Mami dan baby, Books, read at babycentre.. I try to understand pregnancy and new born baby. Bila baca tu angguk2.. oh like this and like that. I do listen to my friend's story as well pasal bersalin and caring for new baby. I really thought I understand everything. But the truth is.. experience is always the best teacher..  You will only understand it deeply by actually facing the facts :)

So begin the episode of delivering my baby.. Ha ah, sakit. Tapi syukur sangat sebab saya dapat lahirkan baby saya dengan Selamat.. chomeinya dia. Hubby is the most happiest person apart from me of course.. Bila dia tengok, He's so thankful that I finally deliver a cute baby that we always chat about. But.. I do feel Trauma. I'm scared if I have to deliver baby again.. and I really think that I will need sometimes to be ready to face such experience again. Insya Allah.. skejap je takut tu..

Then another episode of caring for new born.. 

Saya sangat la suka tidur.. I sleep at 10.30 at night and wake up in the morning.. The most late I go to sleep is at 12. I do care about my sleeping time.. I easily got sick if I sleep less. So come Lil Khayra.. so adorable but she needs to be fed even at mid night.. the most longest time she sleep up to this date is 5 hours.. usually 4. Sometimes datang angin dia it becomes 3 or 2. I can't really predict her. If she sleep at 9.. be ready to wake up at mid night.. and tend her every need until she falls to sleep again 2 or 3 hours later. So my body need to adjust.. I need to be able to sleep less at a time.. means sleep 4 hours.. wake up and add another 1 or 2 hours after that.. mula - mula Ya Allah susahnya.. but after few weeks I get used to it.. tapi mata cam panda :D Sometimes dia meragam the whole day susah nak tidur.. then I start to feel like crying and finally cry because penat sangat.. But usually, the next day dia akan lebih senang tidur so I finally can rest a bit.. Honestly, I'm lucky.. certain baby wake up whole night.. My baby allow me to have some night sleep. I'm grateful.. To Mom to be yang memang berazam nak breastfeed baby.. Get enough rest!! be ready for the days.. because only you can soothes the baby to sleep. :)

Then the time for hubby and wifey...

We usually eat together.. Spend almost every seconds together when we home.. Now we should adapt to the fact that we have Khayra Sofea to give full attention.. So we take turn caring for her.. And usually miss the eating together time.. :D Unless, mama offer to care for Khayra.. so we can eat together.. usually Dinner :D

So, what we can do.. 

Yes, we all can cope with things.. trust me. :) All mother can.. It has been done all these time.. All generation. Yes it's bored staying home.. Only caring for baby, you can get tired. Get someone to stay with you. I have my lil brother helping me with little things.. He actually just sit and play laptop :p If you love tv,spend time watching. I spend sometimes watch tv while nursing kadang - kadang .. hehe.. because she's so clingy. She need to be held and nurse to sleep so it can takes very long time.. So tv can sometimes distract me :D But remember to really have quality nursing time with your baby. Don't just watch tv without pay attention to her.. She needs to be stimulate too for healthy development :D And I read books when she sleep on my lap.. before I put her into her baby cot. She just need sometimes untuk lena before boleh letak kat katil dia :D That's my baby, manja sangat.. now need to train her sebab nak pegi taska nanti susah plak.. :p And yes, chat with hubby.. spend sometimes together.. steal it :) It makes me feel such a huge relief when he's there for me. And if you allowed, go out.. means kat laman rumah je. I did that.. just untuk breath morning air.. It get me feeling fresh. It's healthy than just stay indoor... If tak boleh pon.. open door and window in the morning and feel it. I did steal time facebooking and blogging :D Why not.. doing something that we love when we have time! And remember to Istighfar, selawat... especially when you start to lose the patience since awal - awal ni kita pon tak bleh solat lagi kan.. Pray lots for the patience to come and Allah mudahkan semua untuk kita.

That's so little experience that I have.. I hope I can face all the future challenge caring for my lil girl.. Wish me luck!! And to all new mothers too.. best of luck!!


Kami said...

a good advice for becoming mother.. thank you! =)

Hana said...

Welcome.. banyak lagi yg kena belajar :D

Hana said...
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ryy.han said...

pernah baca kat mana ntah..bunyinya lebih krg cmni..if become a mother is consider as a job, it will be lifetime job that u cannot quit...

skrg handle baby, lps tu toddler...lps tu anak2 lain plak..tup2 anak dh besar masuk uni, keje, nk kawen..alahai sekejap je nanti rasa

Hana said...

hehe.. tu la.. masa sangat cepat berlalu..pejam celik sminggu, sbulan.. setahun..