Dec 13, 2011

Khayra's 2nd Week

Khayra's second week a bit different than 1st week.. Yang paling beza skali Khayra dah pandai minum susu and she adapt well to her new world.. Dah takde dah bagi susu ngan shringe kat Khayra.. Khayra been fully breastfed this week. And she start to establish feeding time. Khayra akan bangun every 3 to 4 hours untuk feeding and tukar nappies.. No need to wake her up. Kalo ade pon maybe one time je tengah hari. Other time she can do that on her own.. :) So mama will hear her sweet little cry when she needs feeding.. At least, at 2nd week ni Khayra dah semakin pandai minum susu walaupun aktiviti utama dia still sleeping.

For me, I learn to sleep less.. and get some rest while Khayra asleep walaupun susah sikit.. at least malam if Khayra tidur 3 hours dapatla night sleep 3 hours.. :)

 Khayra  Day 8

Khayra Day 9

Khayra Day 10

Khayra Day 11

Khayra Day 12

Khayra Day 14

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