Dec 14, 2011

Chit chat with hubby

Since become parents.. we start to talk about our lil princess. It becomes the main topic. I love all of discussion we had.. at least, we have time to chat while tending the baby. :) We start to chat about diapers.. from brand to size and what so special about certain brand, prices and decide which to buy.. dah try out huggies, pureen premium and mami poko.. thought of trying pet pet plak..but it seems to me that hubby prefer if we can go together shopping.. :) yes, we've been an item for so long.. Like I'm his best friend and we even shop for clothes together :D I know he can't wait to go out and bring Khayra together.. :D ooo.. 17 days lagi my confinement.. 31st Dec will be the last day of my 40 days. I will celebrate new year happily with shopping :) de ke confinement time Megasale :p

Then we also chat about opening Khayra's account so that we can ensure some savings for her.. :) We talk about baby's milestone and how impatient we are to see her development. Dah try meniarapkan dia to encourage dia lift head.. Hubby also ask me when I'm going to start prepare Khayra for her taska. Khayra still haven't been bottlefed.. and I still haven't prepare any milk stock.. Something I have to learn.. I don't actually know how  much Khayra drink. All I know.. dia buang air seems normal to me.. and pipi pon dah gebeh ckit..Will wait till Khayra 1 month to start teach her bottlefeeding. I hope she's not fussy. I got only Avent bottle.

We didn't bought any pink color things or girlie stuff.. planning on getting her cute girl dress.. cian she haven't had chance dressing as a girl yet.. :D ohh I think we start to get use to becoming parents... Learning and will continue learning.

With love to hubby :)

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