Apr 29, 2010

Bunga Tangan

Suke sangat bile tengok bunga tangan.. :) yang cantik2, yang sweet.. last time mase tunang takde pon bunga tangan and.. I'm totally forgot about this stuff  : ( Tapi untuk wedding.. nak make sure yang ada bunga tangan.. if possible nak 3 bunga tangan for different event.. sebab... nak matching2 baju :D

Well, flowers for ages seems unseparable with women..  they just look lovely with flowers in hand kan.. It doesn't have to be too big bouquet.. at least.. there's something kan.. mari kita cuci mata..

Tak tau actually what choices exactly that I can get.. rasenye memang patut tengok what floristika has to offer.. sape penah pegi sane? besh x? Rass deco pon provide bunga tangan... tak discuss lagi..


I think.. this is a creative one..

Nice and different kan if we use such this flower..

 Ok... for akad nikah.. I thought of using white hand bouquet.. since this one tak dicover with pelamin package.. maybe, I'll try to get rainie to help me put up some simple one.. :)

My nikah dress will be brown color.. a bit like the ribbon cuma light sikit.. so, white seems perfect kan from this picture..

Maybe.. I go for this flower.. lily kan.. simple and can be tied macam tuh je..

I'm still not sure of the exact color of bouquet untuk bersanding.. I thought of having pink tone bouquet..

roses and peony.. macam perfect combination

peach like peonies memang sweet

But I think it's better be pink and white... :)

oh... sungguh sweet.. 

My baju bertandang will be purple.. maybe dark ckit.. so, I want to have bunga tangan yang purplish tone with white..

Nice kan... purple and white

soft purple with white pon sweet jugak..

Tapi ye la.. pics from oversea.. cantik je flower die.. tak tau la if boleh dapat something cantik macam ni..  hopefully persis pon kire ok la kan.. hehe..


hana yoriee said...

cantek2 sume bunga tgn di atas..hehe..

Hana said...

ha ah.. cantik2 kan.. bunga tangan kite nanti cam mane la rupenye.. :)