Apr 15, 2010

Baju Nikah, pindah office room and PD news

Iwan didn't want us to wear white during our nikah.. but the outfit has to be pastel color.. or light.. first, I thought of getting peach color. After he re-think, he wants it to be in brownish like. So, we went to gulati's shah alam and found nice satin silk with such color but spoiling his mood since no baju lelaki suit that color.. his head then spinning try to figure out another color..

We decide to go to Jakel kl since Jakel on sale.. and search for that color.. well, we've found the dusty brownish tone that we like.. yay.. I hope it will turn out to be pretty baju. Oh.. I'm so sorry for myself since I can't wait to buy the kain..  But I think it will be enough.

Today I switch room in office.. so many things to tidy up now.. :( but I like this new mood in new room.. hopefully lebih bersemangat kerja.. amin! Mama said yes to me to follow Iwan to PD.. but I will bermalam at my aunt's house, of course.. just nak ikut jalan2 je.. Iwan is with his family actually.. Can't wait for the weekend.. phew!


Kaseh NazLieza said...

baju nikah akn mninggalkn kesan yg amt manis dlm hdup kita...pastikan yg tbaik..ehehehe

Hana said...

Thanx... hopefully sy pilih dengan baik :)