Apr 13, 2010

6 Sigma Concept..

Adakah company korang practice 6 sigma concept? Waa.. 2 hari berkursus cuba memahami 6 Sigma concept ini..  Komen saya, bagus2.. Satu kaedah analisis data yang patut dipraktikkan di office saya. Patut ada dalam setiap laporan bulanan.. :D Boleh jadi problem solving step yg bagus.. At first, looking at the standard deviation formula already got my head spinning.. Are you kidding.. I've left my add math, calculus and all those thing like 4 years before.. last time during matrix. Sebab jadi QS tak payah tekan kuasa 2 pon.. :p Hehe.. but that penceramah is good so I can manage to remember the good old days.. It has been a long time since I heard the word z-score.. :) Sekarang baru lah nampak.. when all those crazy math been converted to problem solving tools.. statistical tools then it becomes interesting.. application is interesting. You just can understand it better.. Tambah pulak with office full with engineers.. everyone capable rasenye..

This one related to ISO cert la.. being higher learning institution with all the professors takkan la tak nak shows some quality kan.. You got academician.. researchers yet can't shows some example pon tak bagus jugak. So, we've been tune to adapt to such this situation.. agak customer oriented means quality service.. At least that's where we are lead to.. Ump, I'm still trying to adapt..

Interesting jugak what they did in bussiness world.. banyak jugak yang saya tidak tahu and perlu belajar lagi..

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