Apr 7, 2010

Talk About ~CAKES~

Phew.. it has been few weeks since I really wanted to make this entry.. Wedding cakes!

Wedding cakes is not something which I'm really particular about because usually caterer will provide and we just enjoy the cake cutting ceremony. We, Malays.. memang not everyone so particular about cake cutting ceremony as much as the western.. Cakes will be one of the important things in their wedding list. Despite the fact that cake is not as important as my dais.. hehe.. but, it did makes me re-think of it when it comes to picture like these..

So, Rass Deco will do some decos for my cake table.. :) and how many time in life you got to wear pretty dress during cake cutting? Ye, I did cut cake many times in my life with my baju tidur :D coz my parents use to buy birthday cake to just celebrate among us, family members.. So, I personally conclude that.. I want my cake cutting picture to look pretty.. :) Please... I need beautiful cake as well.. . so, I come out with solution that I want a fondant cake..

Cantik kan this cake.. simple and elegant with rose decos

This cala lily so eye-catching.. 

fairy tale like cake..

So, fondant make a perfect wedding cake to me.. but, fondant cake price is not cheap..  Masalahnya,they are so varies that I become so unsure  the value of fondant.. I got price like.. 300 per piece of cake.. 400 - 500 for whole 3 tier.. and someone said it cost 150 only.. well, maybe some other experience people can give me advice on this fondant cake things..

Tapi yang pastinya, Iwan won't go for fondant cake.. so, I can go for fondant.. at least different sikit kan.. and sungguh, saya mahu pic yg cantik masa potong kek..

p/s:  - my baju sanding n bertandang delay till June :(
          but still ample time..
       - Unaisah said yes to me.. I have to re-confirmed.. sukenye..
       - My friend Rainie nak start buat biz in wedding, join with my another best friend, Angah.. so, I'm more    than happy to share wedding prep with them..


Anonymous said...

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Hana said...

terima kasih bagi suggestion :)