Apr 7, 2010

Clash Of The Titans

Honestly.. banyak jugak rase macam nak tulis something on wedding but these days.. macam more to just an ordinary update kan.. hehe. Nak cite jugak pasal..

ClaSh Of The TiTAns 2010..

Semalam pas keje got chance to see this movie.. actually rase cam dh lame tak outing ngan Iwan.. hehe. I saw Iwan on previous Monday before balik kampung but we go out together with his parents.. and Friday just a short dine time like an hour.. Over the weekend.. both of us busy with our own agenda. Then yesterday, I'm so wanted to see him as well as seeing this movie.. 

Well, short comment.. Iwan says he's satisfied because last time he really complained on how 'Alice in Wonderland' not as adventurous and interesting as he expect.. so this one is much interesting.. Well, that's quite correct when it comes to thriller and adventure scene.. cuma, to me.. I did think that all the scene if much detail.. will bring in much moods or feelings to the story.. every interesting scene seems too short to me..  but overall all the scenes are interesting.. maybe because the story itself is weird to me.. ye la, they talking about god.. and their siblings rivalry which all seems weird.. name pon myth kan.. another thing, the way they start the story is so planetarium like.. hehe. I prefer they told the beginning story differently..

Oh.. I did like the heroin.. she's so white.. so 'angel's' like.. To those yg belum tengok.. maybe you all should try and see..

Well.. try to get idea of wedding later :)

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