Mar 14, 2009

The Registration and Permesso Di Soggiorno

When speaking of registration day.. It's not always as you expected it to be.. A good start. But to me registering to Universita Per Stranieri is a colorful experience. It's not always easy of course when you only know a few words of italian language but it's an experience that when you look back.. you certainly will say, it's interesting. On this day, first I have to choose whether to take an entrance exam or if I want to just go to level A1 or A2, I have to go to another classroom and tell the lecturer which course I want to join. I didn't take the entrance exam because I'm thinking of starting from the lowest point because I never really learn speaking in my country, just some simple grammar. So, I choose to join A1, because I have like 4 months here in Perugia so I think I can proceed to next level later. Also today, I meet Simone, a chinese guy that now is one of my friend here in Perugia. But we're not in the same class.. He's taking A2 from the start. Later, after I get the paper that tell me which course I belong to, I que up quite a long line to pay my fees at Unicredit Banca. It's the only bank inside the Galengga Faculty. When it's done, I head to the Segreteria.. the Segreteria is at lower level from the entrance level. Facing the staircase in front of the entrance, on the right, we have to pass the opening and go straight down the staircase, it's at the end.. They also let me know that I can collect my scholarship later there too.. They handed me the schedule of A1 course and a student card. Yes, I gave them 1 picture to attach to the card. Then I go to the front office, from the entrance on the left.. Just to complete Permesso Di Soggorno. I have to do this because I'm staying here more than 3 months. Honestly, I hate the form.. It's all in italian and I can't understand it so I keep on asking the guy and girl at the counter to help me understanding everything. Then I go to Tabacchi, a shop just outside the Galengga, on the left to buy a duty stamp. I also did photocopied all pages of my passport at a bookshop just near the tabacchi. Then I head to post office to pay the fees of the application and all the completion there. 1st, I pay it at the bancomat counter in post office then later I have to go to the last counter on the left from the entrance to let him check everything and I have to pay him an amount then only it's done. It's quit frustrating at first because the lady at the counter don't talk english so I face a bit difficulties until Inzy comes to help me with the communication. So it's like 73 euros total to complete all this process.. :( Then only it's done.. all the registration.

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