Jul 6, 2009

The 3rd House

I know it has been more than 2 months since I come back from Perugia.. And I haven't update many things regarding my travel.. So, I hope I can steal sometimes to update things on travel.. and add details to the other stuff as well.

Ok. it might sound weird but it did happen.. I move 3 times when I was in Italy.. The last month April, I move again to another house. The owner's name is Filippo.. he is Claudio's friend. Claudio wants me to move out because he needs to empty the house. There are new girls want to come in and stay there. Actually, I don't like that idea of moving.. But I hate to fight with people and it's his house.. so i agree to move out..

Filippo's house is actually prettier.. nice.. I like everything there. But it's weird to me since there are another 3 chinese guys staying with me. Only me and Diana are girls. And I hate that he told me his house got internet when actually.. the service is still not available when I comes in.

I stay in a single room here. They got sink as well in the bedroom.. I never imagine such things before.. The house got 2 bathroom as well and the cooking angle is nice. My housemate are nice too.. the chinese guy are so great with cooking.. they chop things like the chef.. I sometimes feel ashame if they look at me while I cook something. :) But it's a good experience.. we had dinner once together. :)

I stay in this house for only a week.. I got to be home to attend a job interview.. It feels like a burden to let go of my study halfway for april when everything have been paid.. But job is future.. so I have to go home.. This is my chance.. and luckily.. I got this job now. So I won't regret anything's of it :)

The things that I hate the most is.. Filippo don't want to return my money even hundred. I've paid 230.. and stay 1 week and he refuse to return anything to me.. :( I know I can't do anything bout it.. but I'm hoping that he has some mercy to me.. But I know.. these days, people put money in front of mercy..

Anyway.. that's a good experience.. :)

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