Mar 13, 2009


Ok.. Actually I’ve been forgetting this blogging thing for like several months. It’s already 2 March now so I just go randomly on the topics of whatever I’ve face. So first, we’re talking about my first house. Yes, it means I’m already in the 2nd house. Ok.. I don’t simply move because I want too.. It of course comes with reasons.

It’s winter, and my 1st ever.. and I don’t even know how a heater looks like. Blame me.. but I’m from Malaysia. I know how air conditioner looks like. I even know that we got chiller system.. Iced chiller system with all the AHU and so on.. I’ve heard that cold can be a killer. Of course to me when I’m allergic to it. My family got asthma and cold is something I try my best to avoid. So I’m staying in a house that don’t have a modern heater. Ok, the different that I just learned here.. The modern one that I prefer is the build in one. It was installed in the house. It’s heated with the gas that you have to pay the bill monthly. Often the system is together with the water heating. So you don’t have to heat the water with electricity. The old one that I used in this old woman house is.. remember those fairy tales that got the fire place? It’s almost the same as that except that it’s not wood you’ll use.. You will use the gas like your stove.. here they call bombola.

The old woman said the bombola should stand at about 3 months so I thought maybe I just buy it once while I’m here.. Little that I know it’s not a correct calculation for a girl that was born and raise in Malaysia. The winter is so cold and I spend much time sitting in front of the fire place, trying to get myself warm. Not every inch of the house is being heated and believe me that the window is not so air – tighted and there’s always cold air coming in even a bit.

To make the matter worst, the water heater in this house used the electricity. You have to wait 15 minutes to wait for it to get heated. It’s an old system. My house in Malaysia got water heater too.. and it’s warm as soon as we turn it on. I wonder how this woman lives in this cold country and can tolerate that. The sink in kitchen got water heater too. But not in my small toilet that I usually use. And the water heater in the bathroom that I use to bath, not only I have to wait 15 minutes, I can’t let too many water come out of shower or I risk myself bathing in cold since the hot water not so much available.

Guess what, the bombola finish after the twelve days.. I’m so shock of it. And you know how much it cost to have new one? 30 euro. Me and Inzy agree to buy a new one and that one also finish after like 10 days.. I still remember the day I shiver and wear so thick clothes because the house so cold and our gas is finished. I think it’s mean the landlord don’t offer us the electric heater she has in such this day because she always worry her bills will come up even though she seems nice other time and offer you to taste her cooking.That's the nice part :)

If this sound horrible to you.. she’s sometimes stand in front of the Universita Per Stranieri, Perugia. I guess we should stick to what others tell us.. Never really trust these land lords that stand in front of the uni.. too many horrible stories.. unless you dare to try.Maybe to you it's fine.. I don't know..

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