Mar 13, 2009

The 2nd HOUSE

I don’t know how to say about things that has happened. I’m grateful to my God, Allah. I’m such in huge misery here at first. But I trust in patience and praying. And if God want to help us, He will.. and it becomes a bit miracle to me.

There’s this one day I go to internet point with Inzy. It’s the first time I got chance talking to my beloved boyfriend after a few days I reached Perugia. When I’m about to go home, there is this man come to approach me and he ask me if I’m from Indonesia and I said no, I’m from Malaysia. He start to tell me that he has been in Malaysia. I don’t understand everything that he said because I’m still new to Itallian Language and it’s the early week. But he offer me to show some panoramic view of Perugia. I went inside the church to see how beautiful they design it and go to this panoramic site. He told me that he is a lecturer and he also has room for rentals. He offers to show his house. I went to see his house and it’s the first time I realize that I had choose the wrong house and I have plenty other options.

I go home and tell Inzy about what I’ve seen and she said it’s a good idea to move out in February. Later, we’ve been seeing this landlord a few times and have coffee. It turns out that in February, he got only 1 room free from use. It can be double. I thought of moving there with Inzy but later Inzy told me her sister will come and they will move in that room so she will help me to find a single room.

At first I’m kind of worried so I thought of going to agency. But I did heard news that you need to pay deposit to the agency. Many rumors and I don’t know which one is actually the correct one. One told me the deposit is 100 euro and if you move to other house, they won’t give it back. Another I heard we can just take the deposit after a month stay. So, if you think you need the service, go and ask the agency how is it.

But the landlord that I just know told me not to go to agency because he has friends that has free rooms. So I went to see this room. It’s good and then I pay 100 euro as deposit. But later my landlord wants to move me to other apartment so I went to see it. Lucky one that I saw is nice and I agree to move in.

The day I move in, he try to tell me to move to other place he owns later next month. I’m worried the whole day and then I text him telling I like staying in this house and don’t want to move out. Later he just agrees. So, attention to this kind of situation.. I think it’s like cheating when you show a room to a person and she pays for what she see and say she wants to stay there for how many months.. but you try to moves her. The other girl that live with me is so nice that she usually agree to the landlord. Now she’s in other house. So it’s up to your opinion and how you want to stand on about it. For me, I think I deserve what I’ve been promise.. Unless I like the other room, maybe I consider moving.

So, the condition of this house.. It’s small. But It’s better than my first house. The heater and water.. everything’s good. It suppose to have internet but I can count last month how many time it function. The actual land lord is on holiday right now for a month and the guy who in charge on behalf of him.. don’t know why it’s not fixed. I don’t know it’s him that don’t fix or some other repair company that respond late.. but it’s frustrating..

The other things I like is the comforter.. It’s warmer than the old house so I can sleep good :) I think it has the duck feathers inside.. And I got TV of my own in my room. And I learn another things too.. the first time I live with people from other countries. It’s a bit weird and they don’t belong to the same culture so everything unexpected.

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