Oct 16, 2011

Mix Feelings

It's already 34 weeks now... tengok kat countdown pon tulis 5 minggu 4 hari.. if I'll deliver my baby on time.. if awal cammane?? I got mix feelings.. Worry of what will happen.. Worry if I can't take up the pain.. Worry bout my deskwork as well.. Worry of place that can take care of my baby.. Am I going to have enough morning time to arrange everything.. and driving all around Shah Alam every morning.. Sending mama to office.. sending my baby and get to my office.. 

And I need to relax too.. My tummy just got bigger.. and heavier.. Done my check up and BSP at Suraya on last Thursday and the doctor tell me that my baby weight around 2.1 kg now.. an ideal weight currently.. I notice she gain 200 grams a week.. wonder if she end up being 2 kg plus only or 3 kg.. I just hope she's healthy..

Been to PPUM for first time check up. Been there last week for booking and appoinment. Lucky that they still consider me.. Hopefully, I can deliver my baby there just as planned.. they already open a file for me.. and I have to come again at 36 weeks.. another 2 weeks.. I pretty like the environment there.. comfy waiting compare to clinic desa.. of course. I finally meet the dietician.. she's nice and she told me how to control my diet and did my BSP.. now, I need to find pencucuk yang sesuai since my dad punya dh stuck :(( at least.. they allow me to do it myself rather than go to clinic 4 times a day..

I've contact one Taska.. they got place for my baby if I need one in January or February.. My friend all suggest that place.. clean.. nice.. got baby cot.. It just, the monthly fees is RM380.. I really have to do some survey before deciding a place to send my baby.. Lil Zafran's place seems fine too.. When he's less than 1 year they charge RM280.. but now he's almost 4.. I don't think they maintain the rate.. Any suggestion for Taska around section 7, 2 or 3?? I wonder how much people pay nowadays.. If most Taska charge RM350.. I probably decide to just send my baby at the best place with extra RM30..

Curiosity!! I read books.. Bought myself 1 baby book yesterday at MPH Mid Valley..

See.. I think it's pretty interesting.. It cost me only RM30..
And I've been reading this book..

It's my sister's and I think it's a really good book... especially for pregnancy and delivery..  Currently gaining info bout the delivery... :D

Oh.. I do read Pa & Ma and Mami Baby all these months for info.. especially info on breast feeding.. I found pamplet from KPJ is great help for breastfeeding.. :)) Compact with everything I need to know.. I got it when visiting hubby's cousin there..

Next Sunday will be my 1st anniversary.. :)) Kejap sangat masa berlalu.. dah setahun kami kahwin.. I can't wait.. and I'm more than happy to have my baby.. :))

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