Oct 23, 2011

HaPPy AnniVerSary CyG.. !!

It's 23rd October Again.. :)

Last time memang countdown beriya to this date.. The most special day for me and hubby.. The day we've become hubby and wifey.. :))

One year has pass.. rase cam baru je lagi kawen.. :))
So many good  things this one year.. Preggy 1st baby.. dapat kunci umah baru... :) Alhamdulillah.. syukur sangat.. harap Allah berkati dan redhai hubungan kami hingga lah ke Syurga..

I'm so grateful that.. I always got

Someone to love... and love me back..
Someone to go home to..
Someone who give me all the sweet cuddles after a long day of work..
Someone I can always talk the nonsense to
Someone who tease me and yet make me smile
Someone who tell me if I'm wrong no matter how angry I am then..
Someone who gives me all the positive thought
Someone that knows me so well

And it's so wonderful having him around each day...
With lots of luv... 
To my dearest hubby.. another half of me..

I don't know bout other people tapi wedding really complete me.. :)) Thanx jugak to hubby blanje sy favorite meal smalam.. masakkan breakfast these 2 days... :)) Luv cyg so much...

Doakan kami dapat baby yang sihat.. selamat..
Doakan kami bahagia sampai syurga.. :))


K.I.N.A said...

tahniah hana & suami! cepatnye masa berlalu kan..
comel je bila suami masak kan?

Hana said...

Thanx kina.. ha ah.. cepat sgt.. rase cam baru je.. Kina sihat?